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Creative Photo Challenge No. 5 – Take Control of Color in Photoshop

by Ted Livingston
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Color is one of the most compelling points in an image so why not make sure each color is completely under your control? Using a photo shot with natural light, Lindsay will walk through how to utilize the layers panel in Photoshop® to control and target your hue and saturation to change and enhance the colors in your portraits.  

Get Challenge No. 5  – Take Control of Color in Photoshop right now, right here. 

Let’s here from Lindsay Adler!

“Color is one of the most important visual weapons in our arsenals as photographers. It can set a mood, create high impact, and direct the viewer’s eye throughout the frame. In one challenge in this book, you created an image all about a single color.

For this challenge, you will create an image where the use of color is essential to the impact of the image and you can use as many colors as you want! Here, however, you will utilize Photoshop as an important tool for helping to make your use of color purposeful and under your control!”


Here’s what’s happening with the 2017 Creative Photo Challenge: Voting for Reflections has just wrapped up last Sunday. We had many great submissions and a ton of voting. Today Lindsay Adler and CreativeLive are happy to announce two champions!

Challenge No. 3 Reflections Adler’s Choice Champion –  Zoraya Stern!

Learn more about Zoraya and her work right here.


Challenge No. 3 Unusual Angle Peoples Choice Champion – Isha Varshney!


Learn more about Isha and her work right here.

Great work you two! We are pleased to award you with gifts from CreativeLive, Lindsay Adler, Artifact Uprising, and Lonely Planet!

Now, the finalists for Challenge No. 4 are posted. So go vote on your favorites!

Get Challenge No. 5  – Take Control of Color in Photoshop right now, right here. 

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