6 Reasons CreativeLive Is Your Ultimate Resource to Learn Photography

Thanks to digital technology and the rise of social media, there’s been an explosion in photography in recent years. People took a hundred billion more photos in 2017 than they did in 2016; and more than 95 million photos (and videos) are shared per day on Instagram alone.

Gone are the days of darkrooms and slide projectors. Snapping high-quality images on your smartphone is easier and more gratifying than ever, thanks to simple editing tools, efficient shareability and powerful built-in cameras. But where to start? The Internet and your local community are teeming with resources for learning photography. It can be overwhelming to pick the best path.

Below, six reasons CreativeLive — the world’s largest live-streaming education website — is truly your ultimate resource to learn photography. No matter your skill level, schedule, budget or area of interest, CreativeLive photography classes will fit your needs.

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Access to the Best

CreativeLive’s photography classes are taught by award-winning photo instructors, an all-star lineup of artists whose work has been featured in National Geographic, the New York Times, Life and other iconic publications. The site is stocked with content from hundreds of expert instructors in all disciplines and elements of photography, from portraiture fundamentals and wildlife photography to Adobe Photoshop and all things lighting. You can learn from actual photographers who’ve mastered the subject matter themselves, versus those who lecture on someone else’s learnings.

Breadth of Content

Choose from more than 850 photography classes covering a huge range of topics of interest. With on-demand access, you could learn something new every single day. Whet your appetite with a fundamentals course, then advance to more specific subjects like the art of flower photography or food photography, or hone your technical chops in areas like outdoor flash and macro lenses. Each CreativeLive photography class is also equipped with bonus materials like videos and workbooks to support your learning

Want to master photography in just 24 hours? Sign up for The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners today to learn everything you need to know. 

Different Ways to Consume

CreativeLive content is available for you 24/7. You can watch on demand with purchase and learn on your own schedule and at your own pace, or else watch on-air broadcasts for free, 24 hours a day. In addition, the CreativeLive community features more than just lecture-style instruction. Think podcasts, challenges, events, interviews and more. However you like to learn, the CreativeLive virtual classroom can be tailored to your preferences.

Fun and Easy

There’s no onerous sign-up process, no long-term commitment, not even a strict schedule that interferes with your weekly routine. HD interactive classrooms and lifetime access — anywhere, anytime, thanks to CreativeLive’s iPhone and iPad apps and offline sync — coupled with a supportive community of more than 10 million creators make CreativeLive fun and easy.

A Fraction of the Cost

CreativeLive offers classes at every price point, as low as $9. You can master photography at a fraction of the cost of graduate school, or learn a specific photo skill for less than you would pay for a movie. You can even live-stream classes for free, with a packed schedule of on-air offerings you can tune into with the click of a button.

Efficient Learning

Who wants to spend hours and hours glued to their laptop with no opportunity to put new skills to the test and get real-world experience? CreativeLive’s efficient curricula allow you more time in the field than your average photo course. Classes are designed to be digestible and productive so you can glean more knowledge in less time. Are you a fan of listening to podcasts at 2X the speed? CreativeLive videos let you toggle among four different speeds and even add subtitles in case you can’t listen with sound on (forgot your headphones?). You can also stop watching and pick up anywhere you left off on mobile or desktop. Learn on the go by watching a lesson during your commute, or starting one on your lunch break and finishing it after work.

With more than 850 curated classes from world-class instructors, plus around-the-clock and around-the-world access to content at a fraction of the typical cost, CreativeLive provides you not just the ABCs, but the XYZs, for success as a photographer.

Want to master photography in just 24 hours? Sign up for The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners today to learn everything you need to know. 

Allison Stadd