#TBT: CreativeLive Staffer’s Actual Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are a right of passage for many American teens – even your CreativeLive staffers, who have graciously agreed to share theirs. This isn’t the first time (Senior Communications Manager Whitney Ricketts let us use this one as an example of an awkward, bygone composite concept), but it’s definitely the most comprehensive.

Let these be an inspirational throwback, or maybe a learning opportunity.

kenna klosterman

Host Kenna Klosterman has always been camera-ready. This is a classic senior portrait.

jcWho’s this guy in a tie? Why, it’s another CreativeLive host – Jim Catcheti!

For this very-standard senior portrait, a young Jim opted for a classic suit and a very of-the-moment hair swoop.

What do you think? Would Kenna and Jim have been buddies in high school?

senior portraits

Here’s Social Media Specialist Lindsey Bluher (if you follow @creativelive, you’ve met her!) showing off some 2000s fashion (hello, low-rise).

awkward senior photos

Is that an earring on audio engineer Daniel Petersen?


senior photography examples

“Oh the dreaded senior photos!” writes Office Assistant Alex Sanchez.

“This was my second round of photos that were taken because the first batch were horrible!” she explains.

“These turned out better but I think I still look uncomfortable.”

Maybe her photographer could have used these top photographer’s tips for making subjects feel more comfortable?


senior photography examples

VP of Content Ryan Vance looks basically the exact same.

senior portaits

Danielle Elliott, our EP of Creative Services, has some great sweater game in this mom-approved senior portrait.

awkward senior photos

Line Producer Kelsey Graves calls this photo “awful” but also says she has no shame about it.

And really, how could she? While other seniors quote Gandhi and Shakespeare, she quoted an Edgar Wright film.

senior photography

Edit Notes Specialist Stacie Sells gave us a two-for-one with this double photo.

senior photography tipsAnd here’s mine, because it wouldn’t be fair to ask for them without showing my own.

This photo is from the second batch I had to ask for, because the first were so Photoshopped (the editor tried to remove all of my freckles which is not a great idea because there are a lot of them) that I legitimately didn’t look like myself.

The second batch was marginally better, but I ended up using the unedited proofs to share with friends and family. My skin didn’t look like porcelain, but at least it looked like my face.

The biggest takeaway from my senior photos? Don’t go too crazy with the airbrushing – especially if your subject has freckles!

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