We Made This For You | Free Holiday Card Templates

free holiday card templates for photographers

At CreativeLive, we believe that creativity is more than just a way of thinking — it’s a gift that you share with those around you. And we’re so honored that our audience chooses to share their creativity with us, every single day, whether it’s online or here in our studios. This year, we decided to give something back, so we had members from our very-talented team of employees and instructors put their creativity to work to make a gift to share.

To help you with your last-minute gift-and-card giving, we asked Creative Live instructor Khara Plicinic to design some free holiday card templates for photographers (or anyone!) that can be printed or sent digitally — all you have to do is open them in Photoshop and add your photos to make them your very own.

free holiday card templates


These holiday card templates feature a variety of designs and choices, and are super easy to customize; just add your name, your message, and your images and you’ve got a ready-to-go print or digital gift. And if you get stuck (or want to get a little more advanced), check out Khara’s Photoshop class, which can help you both master your skill, and make a beautiful gift for your friends or family.

The happiest of holidays from us at Creative Live!

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