2021 Holiday Gift Guide: The Beginner Photographer

A new hobby in photography is an exciting endeavor. Basic photography skills allow a person to capture meaningful moments, document experiences, and reflect the beauty they see in the world.

New photographers spend a lot of time and money equipping themselves with the gear and skills they need to shoot great photographs. If you have a beginner photographer on your holiday list, this guide will help you help them by ensuring they have everything they need to make a solid start.

1. Fast Start Classes for Your Camera 

CreativeLive has an extensive collection of Fast Start classes for a whole slew of camera models. These photography classes are basically video versions of the the user manual taught by pro photog John Greengo. Fast Starts offer essential insights on getting the most out of the designated camera and save new photographers from unnecessary confusion and frustration.

2. Camera Batteries

A back-up battery ensures photographers can continue to shoot after the first battery dies (as it inevitably will). Every experienced photographer carries spare batteries. Gift your beginner a head-start by setting them up with an extra battery specifically for their camera. Some cameras still take alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries – if this is the case, always opt for rechargeable.

3. The Beginner Photographer’s Crash Course

Pro photographer Khara Plicanic has an upbeat and approachable teaching style that helps beginners understand their camera like never before (whether a dSLR, mirrorless, compact point-and-shoot, or even a phone! ) and gets them taking better photos straight away.

4. Tripod

Tripods are essential for stabilizing a camera and capturing refined shots. They also increase versatility and help improve compositions by reducing camera shake. They are essential for anyone getting started in photography and most come with adapters that fit everything from a DSLR to a mobile phone.

5. Lightroom® CC: Organizing Your Digital Photo Life

Once you start snapping photos it quickly becomes difficult to keep track of your images. Lightroom CC helps photographers manage and organize their digital files and this class shows you how to use it.

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6. Shutter release remote

A shutter release remote lets you snap a pic without having your hands on the camera. It can be enormously helpful when you are staging shots (and snapping selfies).

7. The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners

This class offers an in-depth introduction to photography as an art and science. Students master the fundamentals of camera operation and shooting techniques.

8. SD cards

SD cards slide into the camera to store images while a photographer is shooting. A beginner photographer will want more than one so they don’t run out of storage while they are learning about what works (and what doesn’t) in a shot.

9. Fundamentals of Photography

The Fundamentals of Digital Photography teaches something even more important (and crucial for success) than the mechanics of digital photography; it shows beginner photographers how to bring their creative vision to fruition.

10. Rain Sleeve/Camera Hood

Know an outdoor photographer who’s getting started? A rain sleeve allows a photographer to shoot in inclement weather while protecting the camera. There are emergency shields that easily fit in a pocket and act as a poncho for cameras that can shield rain, snow, and sand. 

11. Beginner Photo Retouching Techniques

Khara Plicanic helps beginner photographers navigate the often-overwhelming world of Photoshop. This class covers essential techniques like dodging and burning and gets users ready to retouch.

12. Quality filter set

Filters allow photographers to shoot  a wider variety of subjects and allows them to get different results than they could with a regular lens alone.

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