Got Photos for Days? Project Life Can Help

Find out how Project Life can help you tackle your big box of photos.
photos courtesy of Becky Higgins LLC

Look familiar?

Digital photography made it easy for us to take endless pictures, but all of those snapshots can take a toll. It is easy to end up overwhelmed and buried in a box of photos.

Becky Higgins knows the drill. Becky spent 12 years in the traditional scrapbooking industry when she decided enough was enough.

The piles of prints, the paper, the glue, the sequins, the stickers…

They can be so much fun.

But they can also be an enormous barrier to memory-keeping and a major drain on your time.

Her solution? Project Life.

Project Life is a pocket scrapbooking system that makes it easier for busy people to document the moments that matter to them.

Becky’s years in the industry exposed her to lots of people who were challenged by the traditional 12”x 12” paper page. She wanted to develop an alternative for folks who simply couldn’t manage all the stuff of traditional scrapbooking.

The common reasons scrapbooking intimidates?
It is expensive
It’s overwhelming
There is too much stuff and too much mess
Folks don’t know where to begin
Or the common refrain, “I’m not creative”

Becky knew these people needed a solution, so she and her husband put their heads together and launched a visionary new product designed to answer the call of those who want to organize their images into an album they’ll love, but lack the time or talent (or both) to do the traditional scrapbooking way.

Scrapbooking made easy with Project Life.

Six years into the Project Life story Becky says, “I promise you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more motivated than ever!”

The business has expanded to include an app and an impressive selection of design-forward kits. All the while, Becky has remained committed to making it easy for people to turn those piles of photographs into attractive and organized albums.

“We are just regular people going through regular ups and downs in life and trying to figure out how to preserve our memories,” Becky explains. Project Life is one of the ways you can safeguard those memories.

If you are longing to tackle that box of photographs and need a little help getting started, be sure to catch the rebroadcast of Scrapbooking with Project Life with Becky Higgins on Friday November, 27! She’ll show you how to get a handle on all those pictures withOUT having to cut or glue a thing!

And if you want a good laugh and a nice reminder that you aren’t alone in your memory-keeping procrastination, check out this all-too-relatable video from the Project Life team:

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