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Becky Higgins

Becky has a passion for living well and documenting life. Since 1997 she has been authoring books, creating artwork, writing articles, teaching classes, and designing products -- all in the name of scrapbooking. In her personal evolution she came to find herself relating to everyone who has said, "Scrapbooking is too time-consuming, too complicated, too expensive, too much." In 2009, Becky Higgins LLC was born so that she could share solution-based products with everyone who felt this way.

Project Life® is Becky’s memory-keeping system that has taken the scrapbooking industry by storm because of the back-to-basics and fuss-free approach. Becky's Blog has gained the reputation of being an uplifting and inspiring place on the web. There's always a common goal in everything Becky shares, which is to CULTIVATE A GOOD LIFE AND RECORD IT. Arizona is where she and her husband David are raising their 3 children.

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