How To Piss Off A Photographer

Like many photographers who enjoy keeping up with relevant (and irrelevant news) on Photography, I often find myself frequenting the r/Photography subreddit on The content varies from the odd tip or trick to the next big camera coming on the market but of course can also contain the thoughts and feelings of photographers around the world 

That said, when a thread title starts with, “Piss off r/photography with one sentence”, you know it’s going to be fully packed bag mixed with all the laughable but cringe-worthy things that many of us have experienced.

Let’s all take a big ol’ stretch and get ready for these doozies. 


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Portrait Photography Creating And Styling Your Environment

and the one that hurts me the most

Of course with any of these it’s important that we laugh with them, because who wants to get lost in the supreme funk that comments like these can garner. Take a breath, laugh it off, and keep your own hustle alive.

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Casey Cosley

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