Creative Photography Scavenger Hunt: Round One

Creative Photography Challenge

WE DID IT! Season one of the #creativephotochallenge is complete, but does that mean we’re done with the challenges?

Heck no.

How many of you were along for that crazy journey?

At current count *ahem*


I just want you all to know that as a collective whole, you’ve made my brain explode. *pop*

SIDENOTE: For those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out what the Creative Photo Challenge is CreativeLive’s own Justin Katz has got your back.

Creative Photography Ideas

So here’s the scoop on what’s coming next: Weekly Scavenger Hunts!

How we got the idea:

On my way down to visit our CreativeLive San Francisco office to wrap up Season One of the Creative Photo Challenge, I received an early morning email from Chase Jarvis pushing me attempt a challenge that he and some co-workers came up with while I waited for my flight.

Here’s a link to watching me attempt this LIVE on Facebook, BUT for those of you who want the TL;DW (*too long didn’t watch) version:

I was challenged to go on a Photo Scavenger Hunt, so with camera in hand and prompts in front of me, I tried my best to get all 10 things in under 20 minutes. Now, truth be told it ended up taking me longer than that, but that was a lesson learned all on it’s own.

The attempt at getting out and shooting was the most important thing when it came right down to it.

What you need to do:

For our very first kickoff week I give to you dear reader, nay, photographer friend, take that same letter and attempt this challenge yourself.

Here is a link for the same prompt that was sent to me (so that you can take it with you on the go) and it reads as follows,

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: find and capture these 10 images before you take off (bonus points if you can get them all in 10 minutes or less).

Open to your interpretation of each.

1. Motion blur 
2. Wings
3. Sky
4. Seated
5. Lines
6. Packed grocery
7. Announcements
8. Empty space
9. Windows to the world
10. People movers


As example for you guys, I’ve included my own attempt at the Week One Scavenger Hunt.

1- Motion blur


2- Wings


3- Sky


4- Seated


5- Lines


6- Packed grocery


7- Announcements


8- Empty space


9- Windows to the world


10- People movers

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How to join in on the fun

Just like with the Creative Photography Challenge, we want to see your Scavenger Hunt photos too!

Step 1: Grab camera

Step 2: Grab list

Here’s your options in multiple choice form:

A) Submit your photos to instagram using the hashtag #creativephotochallenge (optional secret top tips: feel free to also tag us,@creativelive, in your photos  so that we can make sure not to miss anything! 

B) Find your way to our Student Gallery and go nuts!

C) Join our Facebook Group! Myself, Justin, and Matt are active in there too,  helping with any questions you may have as well as posting some of our own photos.

D) All of the above!

And then?

And then nothing guys! Go out there and give it a shot. Make sure to share those photos and we’ll continue to highlight your work on facebook, blog posts and instagram!

SECRET TIP: Here are some classes I recommend if you want some extra juju behind your attempts at this particular scavenger hunt (I’ll include different classes that will correlate for each weekly Scavenger Hunt) 

Street Photography: The Art of Photographing Strangers With Ashley Gilbertson
Adobe® Lightroom® CC Photo Editing: The Complete Guide With Ben Willmore
Capturing Authentic Portraits With Chris Orwig

Casey Cosley

As a Seattle-based photographer, I incorporate the culture and style of the city into the sense and attitude of my work. I deliver a stunning and vibrant body of work for my clients, and am available for commercial & editorial travel and/or location photo assignments worldwide. Check out my work on Instagram.