Introducing Back to Biz

CreativeLive is a community full of makers, shakers, and risk-takers forging their own path. They are the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs, who build local economies, develop businesses and bring new ideas to the communities they live in. Unfortunately, these are the same people who have been most affected by the pandemic. To help our community, we are proud to introduce Back to Biz – a FREE small business recovery program.

Designed to help you rebuild and grow your business, the Back to Biz curriculum is here to help small business owners not only survive but thrive. We understand the pandemic created seismic shifts in the economy and consumer behavior. For that reason, we spent time talking to the makers, entrepreneurs and business owners to find out where they need help most. What we learned is business owners are navigating unprecedented change–and that’s where we can help.

To help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the constantly changing dynamics of business ownership we created over 400 lessons, curated real-life success stories and interviewed some of our favorite entrepreneurs.

Since our “new normal” continues to evolve customer behavior, the way you do business must evolve too. To help you do so, we created new classes around, hiring, selling online, pivoting business models, creating new revenue streams and more. We have new classes from world-renowned entrepreneurs like Daymond John, finance experts like Ramit Sethi and social media influencers / business owners like Jasmine Star. In addition to topic-specific classes, we created learning paths to help you go from 0 to 100 on a particular business goal. Regardless of what happens next, the Back to Biz program will help you gain the skills and know-how to weather the storm and start succeeding. 

How Back to Biz Works

It’s FREE, so you can use the Back To Biz program however you want – take a single class, watch a lesson or follow a full learning path to hone your skills. We talked to you, our community, and developed four learning paths (i.e. series of classes) based on your biggest hurdles. Whether you are transitioning from brick-and-mortar to online shop or you are starting your business from scratch, we want to make sure you have the knowledge to flourish.

Ready to sign up? Head over to (or click the button below) and signup to get free access to over 400 lessons, small business success stories, celebrity interviews and articles.

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