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The Creative Photo Challenge No. 3: Reflections

by Ted Livingston
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Get Challenge No. 3 – Reflections right now!

Alright, now we’re crankin’! Here’s what’s happening with the 2017 Creative Photo Challenge: Voting for Make a Mess has just wrapped up last Sunday. We had many great submissions and a ton of voting. Today Lindsay Adler and CreativeLive are happy to announce two champions!

Challenge No. 1 Make Mess Adler’s Choice Champion –  Zoraya Stern.

What a mess! Someone grab the mop.

Learn more about Zoraya and her work right here.


Challenge No. 1 Make Mess Peoples Choice Champion – RoGina Montgomery.

Shhh! Don’t tell the library! 🙂



Learn more about RoGina and her work right here.

Great work you two! We are pleased to award Rogina and  Zoraya and with gifts from CreativeLive, Lindsay Adler, Artifact Uprising, and Lonely Planet!


Now, the finalists for Challenge No. 2 are posted. So go vote on your favorites!

We’re now onto our 3rd challenge, Reflections!

Let’s hear from Lindsay Adler on how to get into it!

Use reflections in your images! You can use reflections to tell a story or to create something a bit more abstract, like a visual riddle! You can also look for reflections in unusual places to create images that excite the eyes and intellect!

For this challenge, I combined three mirrors to create a prism for my camera. By varying my focal length, placement of the lens and focus I could create drastically different interpretations of the scene before me. I used all natural light in a public park to photograph my beautiful subject, Stephanie. I love how I can transform an ordinary environment into something extraordinary with a creative little DIY project!

Get Challenge No. 3 – Reflections right now!

How it works:


  • Lindsay Adler’s Creative Photo Challenge is entirely FREE.
  • RSVP to start receiving challenges via email twice a month starting July 17.


  • Upload your photos and tag it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter using #creativephotochallenge.
  • Have questions or want to check in with fellow photographers? Join the Creative Photo Challenge Facebook group.


  • 2 winners for every challenge!
  • Your vote determines the People’s Choice challenge champ.
  • Lindsay Adler will handpick her “Adler’s Choice” champion for every challenge.
  • Before each new challenge — a new champion slot will be filled.
  • Prizes awarded for the 2 champions of each challenge!

Step outside of your routine, see the possibilities and discover what you love to capture!


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