Social Media Hack: How To Create Your Own Gif

This how-to comes from business strategist Jasmine Star who teaches us how to create an original giph using our phone. This is part one of our series on social media hacks – follow along for more tips and how-tos to improve your online presence.

For everyone from creators to small business owners, 2020 has meant less IRL interactions and more social media and online brand building. That means it is more important than ever to standout from the crowd. For most creators or brands consistency and authenticity are key to keeping an engaged audience. But what is the secret sauce to growing your audience?

Original content.

One of the masters of growing (and engaging) an audience online is photographer, business strategist, entrepreneur and CreativeLive instructor, Jasmine Star.

Jasmine is known for building her brand on Instagram, which led to her business, Social Curator, a tool to help small businesses create consistent social media content. We caught up with her to see some of the latest ways she is creating content that stands out online.

Posting beautiful static photos or quotes may have been the way to reach Instagram users a couple years ago. But with the integration of Instagram Stories, IGTV and now Reels, it’s all about original short video content.

According to Jasmine, one way to make your video content standout is to add branded elements to your content. One way to do that is to create branded stickers or better yet an original gif to add to your content. – no expensive cameras or editing needed.

In just a few simple steps, Jasmine shows us how to create an original giph from your phone. Feel like your stories are getting stale? Try this simple tutorial to instantly add character, creativity and a touch your own brand to your Instagram stories.

Create Your Own Gif

Step One:

Record a short video. 

Step Two:

Trim the video down to two seconds.

Step Three:

Crop the video and save it to your phone.

Step Four:

Upload your video to

Step Five:

Download the video as a giph, save it to your photos and then copy and paste it into your Instagram stories.  

You can learn more social media tips and tricks in Jasmine Star’s Social Media Bootcamp available with the Creator Pass.

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