INFOGRAPHIC: Tips for Picking & Preparing the Perfect Turkey

Across America the centerpiece of many Thanksgiving tables is a whole roasted turkey. But given that the oversized bird doesn’t make many appearances throughout the year, its presence on Turkey Day can easily overwhelm. What is an aspiring home chef supposed to do with that thing?

Luckily Jason Hoppe is here to help. Jason has a knack for answering questions like, “how do I pick and prepare the perfect turkey?” in infographic form. (He also has a knack for helping others learn how to do the same and you can look into that here.)

So for all of you overwhelmed turkey basters out there, here’s everything you need to know about buying and baking The Perfect Turkey:

INFOGRAPHIC: Tips for Picking & Preparing the Perfect Turkey

Don’t want to bake a turkey, but you do want to “make” a turkey? Check out Jason’s tutorial on designing a turkey over on his blog.

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