DIY Idea: Using Seasonal Flowers in Spring Floral Arrangements

In much of the country, spring has finally sprung, which means its time to start taking advantage of all those beautiful blooms that are freshly in season. Whether you’re planning a spring wedding or just want to perk up the dinner table with a fresh centerpiece, using seasonal flowers in your spring floral arrangements is both an easy and inexpensive — after all, most of what you need is probably growing in your own backyard.

CreativeLive instructor and Tulipina owner Kiana Underwood explains how to create meaningful, beautiful floral designs in her complete collection of  floral design classes, but in the meantime, she’s been using seasonal spring flowers in creations and sharing them on her Instagram. Here are some of her favorite in-season spring flowers to use:


There are few spring flowers more abundant — and more versatile — than the rhododendron. Not only can you find rhodies growing in public places just about anywhere in the U.S. during this time of year, you can also be choosy about which color you want; they come in a wide array of shades and hues. Rhododendron greens are also really great additions to floral designs.


A hearty climbing vine, wisteria is hailed for its ability to grow almost anywhere. It’s so lush and full, it adds great shape and dimension to centerpieces — and it smells great!


Tulips may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s because they’re such classics! One of the first and most recognizable blooms of spring, think of tulips as classic additions to your floral arrangements. In this piece, which Kiana put together largely from what was growing in her neighborhood in San Francisco, the tulips aren’t the statement flower — instead, she’s chosen to highlight freesia, dates, and some unusually-colored leaves she found while out walking!


Peonies are floral workhorses — their large blooms and beautiful greenery make them versatile, lush picks for beautiful spring pieces. Kiana includes peonies of all shades and sizes in everything from spring bridal bouquets to small centerpieces. Pair them them a vintage birdbath for a gorgeous, garden-inspired spring look.


Learn more about how to incorporate scent, color, and interesting vessels in your DIY floral designs with Kna’s courses.

Images by N.R. Underwood / / On Instagram at @nruphoto

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