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Function-Driven Interior Design

Tobi Fairley

Function-Driven Interior Design

Tobi Fairley

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Class Description

Brought to you by House Beautiful Magazine, award-winning interior designer Tobi Fairley returns to CreativeLive for her third workshop on creating a functional, beautiful space for the way you really live.

Tobi will show you how to merge style with function. Tobi will teach you how to make use of every square foot of your space — whether that space is large and spacious or small and compact.

You'll learn about spatial planning, including how to read and use floor plans, as well as how to maximize small spaces and make the most out of large rooms (without blowing your budget on more furniture). Whether you're redesigning your home office space or studio apartment, Tobi will give you the tools you need to make your space function perfectly just for you.

Class Materials

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tobi!!!! She is a wealth of information and her cup flows over with ideas. The course was sometimes hard for me as I found the studio audience distracting and felt like they took away from the class. Not to sound heartless, but I personally don't care about their issues and problems and going on and on about themselves and their opinions. I am paying for this course to learn from Tobi, not someone that doesn't have anymore knowledge than me. I just want to drink from the hydrant that Tobi has to offer. My time is limited and so wading through the audience participation was often frustrating. Tobi was amazing though. Thank you Creative Live!!

Amy Cantrell

I enjoyed this course even though the pace is a bit slow at times. Happy that I bought it on sale. My favorite concept is "use the space you have".

a Creativelive Student

I would like to know who makes the fabric on the black and white chair in Tobi's Function driven interior design segment? Thank you, and I am so loving all of my classes that I purchased!

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