Music & Audio Podcast 29: Trey Xavier of GearGods

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If there’s one thing that unites all musicians, it’s their seemingly insatiable appetite for talking about gear. Metal musicians have an especially voracious appetite for gear nerdery, which is why our friends at Blastbeat Network (the people who brought you Metal Sucks and Metal Injection) created GearGods: the world’s first site about gear for metal. We are big fans of what they’re doing, so we caught up with GearGods’ editor Trey Xavier to get the inside scoop.

One of my favorite things from GearGods: a comprehensive shootout of 25 (!) different overdrives, with a really cool interface that I have never seen before or since. Slick!

We talked about everything from what new gadgets Trey is excited about, why people should care more about bass guitar, whether gear even matters (spoiler warning: it doesn’t, except when it does), whether people spend too much time turning knobs instead of making music, if my beloved 90s rack gear like the Rocktron Chameleon and Voodu Valve will ever make a comeback, and the day-to-day grind of being the “content” business.

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