Turn Old 35mm Slides Into A Crafty Home Design Project

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photo courtesy of Scott Sherwood

First of all, let’s take a moment to admire the photo above. San Francisco-based designer Scott Sherwood crafted that set of curtains out of 1,152 35mm personal film slides linked together — and he did it all by hand. Altogether, the process took Scott four months. Now, let’s outline how you can create this stunning curtain just like Scott and fill your home with a rainbow of light.

The process is simple, yet incredibly tedious and not for those looking for a “quick project.” First, arrange each plastic-mounted slide on the floor or on a large table horizontally by color in order to establish the rainbow effect. (You might need to dedicate a whole floor in your home or apartment to complete this task). Once you are done, drill 8 holes that are a little larger than the point of a thumb-tack size on the perimeter of each slide mount.  Purchase thin metal coil at a local hardware store and thread a short piece through each hole. Start connecting the frames by curling and sealing the coil into small rings around the frames. This will hold the slides together. From here, it’s a 6’x5’7 game of connect the dots!

photo courtesy of Scott Sherwood


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photo courtesy of Scott Sherwood

Source: Laughing Squid


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