What Does Your Camera Say About You?

fidelity format short filmIn under four minutes, creative video production company Fidelity Format asks one huge question: What is the relationship between photographer and camera?

Iconic photographer Eve Arnold is often quoted as saying that “the instrument is not the camera but the photographer,” but any photographer will tell you that they shoot with different equipment based not only on technical needs, but also mood. This short film begins to scratch at that question, as it following designer and artist Valeriie Liin. The short film is a quiet, intimate narration about the use of different tools; what they mean, where they came from, and what their purposes serve.

A Fuji Instax is a social camera, allowing Liin to make friends, whereas a compact Pentax is quieter, and allows her to be more invisible while capturing the world.

The Cameras We Bring from Fidelity Format on Vimeo.

In addition to being small and beautifully shot, “The Cameras We Bring” is also just a great example of how to use your strengths for marketing. Fidelity Format is a small shop — there are just three employees listed on their team list — who seem by all accounts to be doing exactly what they love in life. And it shows, as they smartly use their skills in video production to make a shareable, beautiful piece of interesting, thought-provoking content…that is essentially a brand awareness video.

Watch the video, and then ask yourself: What does your camera do for you? And then, secondarily, what are you doing for your brand?

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