3 Drone Photography Gear Essentials

Image: Lima Pix via Flickr
Image: Lima Pix via Flickr

Nothing is hotter right now that drone photography — a quick flip through Dronestagram displays all the super-cool stuff these unmanned aerial craft are capable of. But if you’re looking to get into drone photography, where do you start?

“There are so many levels of ‘beginner’ class drones,” explains author and instructor Jeff Foster, “it really depends on where you want to start. If you just want to get used to flying, then start cheap/simple with smaller lightweight and durable craft.”

For that, he recommends the Parrot AR Drone or the MB Epic.

But for serious photographers/videographers, Jeff recommends stepping up one more price point to the following combination:

  • 3D Robotics IRIS with Gimbal. “This one provides stable photo/videos with GoPro and advanced autonomous flying capabilities.”
  • GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition. Any GoPro is versatile and durable, but the new Black Edition takes your aerial capability to the next level with 30 frame-per-second shots, 1080P60 video quality and a new and improved low light mode. Strap this onto your Iris and you’ll have the perfect combo.

Want more details on drone photography? Check out Jeff’s class, Drone Taking Flight: Drone Photography & Video.

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