10 DIY Projects That Make Perfect Presents

FotorDIYOn a budget this year? The time has come to break out the hot glue gun, clear your calendar, and devote yourself to a day of DIY project goodness. There’s nothing more meaningful than a homemade gift, and CreativeLive has you covered with a list of seriously impressive DIYs that are so professional your loved ones won’t even know they’re homespun until you tell them. There’s something for everyone on this list, so get crafting and — as always — may the force of Martha Stewart be with you.


Black Marbled Candleholders
How gorgeous are these candleholders? Let’s just say we’ve never had a stronger urge to make a festive tablescape. Head to Design Sponge to see how these circular marble holders are made!

Chalkboard Canvas Bag
This functional canvas bag from Ice Pandora has a simple circular design, but spoiler alert — said design is secretly made of chalk paint, which means you can write whatever you want on it! Maybe start with “Happy Holidays…”

Geometric Coasters
Coasters always come in handy during the holidays (so many eggnog mugs, so little time), and your friends and family will adore these sweet geometric cork numbers from Something Peach.

Thread Wrapped Necklace
This stylish necklace looks like something right out of a jewelry shop, but in reality it takes about an hour or less to make! Pick out some festive thread colors and head over to The Lovely Drawer for a tutorial.

image3Patterned Notebook
These DIY patterned notebooks by Swell Mayde are so sweet, and so easy to make. Great for friends who are writers, or nieces and nephews who are gearing up for the next school semester!

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Marquetry-Inspired Trivets
Wooden marquetry is gorgeous and trendy — but a huge pain to DIY unless you happen to have taken woodshop in high school. Luckily, this simple project from A Beautiful Mess gives you the same inter-woven effect, and all you need is a little paint! And some hand eye coordination, of course.

3_monogram_napkinsPrintable Monogram Napkins
Even the most craft-phobic gift-giver can handle this crazy easy DIY from Oh Happy Day. Just buy some high quality napkins, print out the monogram of your choice (link at the source!) and bust out your iron.

img_0529-12Gold Leaf Planting Pots
Simple (and cheap!) terracotta pots transform into cheerful works of art in this adorable DIY for the plant-lover in your life. All you need is a simple coat of paint and some gold leaf. Oh, and instructions from Miss Renaissance.

Satsuma Candles
All you need to know about this DIY from Honestly WTF is that it involves eating a bunch of satsumas. So it’s basically the most delicious project ever — and has gorgeous results!

ConfettiTrailTeaTowelConfetti Dishtowel
If you have a friend or family member who loves cooking, look no further than this fun confetti dishtowel from For The Makers! The pattern is created with homemade stamps, wine corks and acrylic paint.

‘Tis the season. Gift the creative in your life something special – check out our curated holiday gifts

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