This Small Ball Takes 360-Degree Photos With 36 Cameras

Photo via Panono.

We are big fans of action cameras such as the GoPro 3+, but what Jonas Pfeil, Björn Bollensdorff and the rest of the Panono team is putting together may very well bring things to a whole new level. Made up of 36 small 72 megapixel cameras and weighing in at a mere 300 grams, the Panono is a ball you can throw into the air, employing all 36 cameras at once at the highest point of elevation to capture one image.  (You can also access the raw files of each individual shot)It then can flawlessly stitch the images together to create a 360 degree image. Similar to the new GoPro +, you can then view your photo on any smartphone and share it using a cloud based stitching and archiving system. In other words, this camera has the potential to change the panorama image forever.

Photo via  Panono.
Photo via Panono.

So what’s the downside? The Panono is still a prototype and the team is asking for funding through their current Indiegogo campaign. Fast Company, Wired and have all given the product rave reviews, but will it hit the shelves next September as planned? Not unless they hit their fundraising goal of $900,000 in the next 2 months.

Check out the Indiegogo video:


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