How To Inspire Your Community of Creators With One Image

Just in time for Photo Week 2016, we had a crazy idea for a brand new photo project.  From it’s inception, we knew it could only be done one way – and that was to reach out an collaborate with the most talented people we know, YOU! We put out the call to our amazing creative community in the hopes that we could create an exhibit full of user-submitted images that would shows us ‘a window into your world’ as part of our first ever collective art project – Frame x Frame: a CreativeLive Photo Installation. Thanks to our friends at Artifact Uprising, we were able to sweetening the deal by giving one randomly selected winner a $250 giftcard to live out their creative dreams with gorgeous photo products, printed on sustainably sourced paper.  Here is a recap of all the amazingness that went on.




We know you understand more than anyone, that the storytelling power a single photograph is immense. Sometimes you capture an image and immediately know it tells your story, represents your life, your world. Imagine a wall full of hundreds of unique individual stories, combined to create an even more powerful photographic narrative about our global community.  

We put out the call for any and all images that showcased a special element in the lives of our community.  We asked for people to show us the coffee shop where they got their best work done, or the most magical sunset they’ve ever seen, or perhaps it’s a simple photo of the people that meant the most to them – anyway you heard it, we wanted to see something that was uniquely you.

We asked our community to contribute a single photograph that represents a window into their world – it could be a portrait, landscape, fine art, travel, even a snapshot captured on a mobile phone. Creating a grid of these images, the Frame x Frame photo Installation incorporated 500 images printed by Artifact Uprising as 5” x 5” Square Prints to showcases the visual stories of our global community. Officially making its debut on our NYC Photo Week set, the Frame x Frame installation is currently making it’s way back to West Coast studios for a permanent installation. (update to follow)


Frame x Frame Photo Installation Rendering – Photo Week 2016 Studio, NYC


Consisting of 500 individual images, our Frame x Frame installation was a brilliant reminder of how talented out global community of creators really is.  Each of these gorgeous prints were arranged in a pixilated grid, slowly merging with the gorgeous New York skyline and creating a outstanding background for our roster of top-tier photo instructors.


CreativeLive's CEO, Chase Jarvis, as he speaks to the audience during Photo Week 2016
CreativeLive’s CEO, Chase Jarvis, as he speaks during his In Focus Talk as part of Photo Week 2016



Veteran CL instructor, Matthew Jordan Smith shares the nitty-gritty with his audience during ‘How to Discover and Use Lighting Style



Major congratulations to Mitch Kloorfain,who was our winner for the Frame x Frame photo contest.  In his own words, Mitch describes what this image mens to him and why he chose to share it with us:  “My world is capturing others while they discover their own worlds. It doesn’t matter their age. Wonder as an expression can be remarkable at any age. This particular image called out to me because her fascination with simple soap bubbles lasted hours!”



Major thanks to everyone who submitted their images to this project – and please tune in to any Photo Week broadcast to take in these amazing images!




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