The Blogging Handbook: From Copy-Editing to Content Strategy

Photo of typewriter keys by Cody Geary.
Photo of typewriter keys by Cody Geary.

By now, you already know that blogging for your creative business is a smart thing to do, both for stronger SEO and for a better relationship with your clients. But blogging is easier said than done — the best bloggers are not only curators and tastemakers, they’re also storytellers with a firm grasp of both the business and technical side of writing for the web.

Copyediting, photography, and piecing together a content plan are all integral parts of a strong blog. But unfortunately, blogging doesn’t usually come with a handbook. Except on CreativeLive, where it does!

In her course, Build a Successful Creative Blog, consultant and blogger April Bowles Olin will explain not only how to stand out among the millions of blogs competing for Google rankings, but also some of the finer points of blogging, including copy and photo editing, how to put together the perfect email newsletter for your audience, and how to decide which kinds of content to include.

When you RSVP for free to to the course, you’ll get a super-helpful workbook that includes tons of great blogging resources; choose to purchase the course, and you’ll also get April’s in-depth Done for You Resource Book, which is basically a definitive how-to of blogging.

To get you started, we’ve got a free download of the first pages of the Done for You Resource Book, which includes valuable blogging tips about goal-setting, and an explanation of why most blogging myths just aren’t true. Get the PDF here!

Want to get your hands on the whole thing? Check out April’s course, which kicks off today.

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