The Creative Photo Challenge No. 2: Unusual Angle

Not every photo should be shot at eye level. In this week’s challenge, see how changing your perspective can create a dramatic look.  By using only natural light, her camera and a ladder, Lindsay will show you how to create a high-angle photo. Remember to practice safety measures to keep you and your subject safe while exploring these new and unusual angles!

Here’s the word from Lindsay!

Ok everyone, it’s time to shoot from an unusual angle. Drastically altering your angle can completely change your perspective on your subject! Don’t just at shoot at eye level. Get up on a ladder! Lay down on the floor. Change your point of view and suddenly you’ll see exciting new imagery emerge.

While you can certainly shoot from unusual angles in the studio, I find that when I try unusual angles on location I start to reveal dramatic results and compelling compositions. My subject and/or location may completely transform!

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Photo Credit: Lindsay Adler and Steve Hagen

In this challenge, I decided to photograph my subject Stephanie from up on a ladder. This high angle helped to simplify my background and suddenly I was able to see the interesting textures and shapes created by the tendrils of her dress. From a ‘normal’ angle I would have never seen this intriguing pattern!

I stood a couple rungs up on the ladder, using a Canon 5D IV and Canon 24-105, using the live view of my camera so I could frame up the scene properly. I placed my subject in the shade of a large tree to put her in open shade, giving me beautiful and even lighting across the scene.

If you want to learn more about my lens choice, camera angle and other considerations for this challenge, definitely check out my most recent blog post! I’ve got behind the scenes plus other artists to check out for inspiration at

Alright, folks now go get after it. Don’t forget to tag and share your photos with #creativephotochallenge for a chance to win a free Lindsay Adler class or the grand prize 1-year free Creator Pass to our entire course catalog!

Kym Cortigiano