9 Must-Have Landscape Photography Accessories

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Landscape photography is only as much fun as your equipment (ok, fine, it’s always fun), and having a bag full of top notch camera accessories can both make your life easier and make your photos higher quality. There are a million accessories that come in handy when taking snapshots of landscapes, but we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

Bubble Level

This level attaches to your hot shoe, making it easy to measure the horizon for increased accuracy. Buy here for $46.

Graduated Neutral Density Filters

These are an absolute must for landscape photographers. They essentially prevent the bright sky from silhouetting your landscape thanks to a two-tone filter. Find the perfect set for your camera here.

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You probably already have a tripod, but do you have this tripod? It’s been made the exact same way in Germany for over 100 years and it’s beautiful, so you definitely should own it. Buy here.

Waterproof Memory Card Holder

This is a need-to-own item for obvious reasons. You don’t want to get caught in a rainstorm and have all your photos wiped thanks to too much water exposure, right? Buy for $8.99.

Shutter Release

You should avoid touching your camera if it’s set up on a tripod, so go ahead and buy a shutter release (or use your iPhone). Buy here for $9.99.

Lens Dust Blower

Because you never know when you might come face-to-face with a dusty wind storm. Buy here for $8.85.

Photo Courtesy Flickr

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Get more bang for your landscape buck by using a wide angle lens. There are a million on the market, but try the Canon EF-S 10-18mm.


Absolutely essential to landscape photography –– especially if you’re camping. Buy here for $6.99.

Tripod Feet

Shooting in a rugged environment? Lock down your tripod with these clawed feet.

Weather Shield

You’ll be happy you have this camera cover when those gorgeous clouds your photographing start dumping water on you. Buy here for $99.50.


You definitely do not need all of these items in order to take good landscape photos, but having the best equipment possible for the specific landscape or outdoor photo shoot can really end up making the difference for the shot.

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