6 Things To Look Forward to at PhotoPlus 2017

New York City: Home of the The PhotoPlus Conference + Expo 2017

Over the next four days nearly 20,000 people will walk through the doors at the Javits Convention Center in New York City with one thing in common: a love for photography. The PhotoPlus Conference + Expo is the largest photo-focused trade show in North America. PhotoPlus 2017 puts new camera technology, classes from industry leaders, and ample networking opportunities together under one roof. With so much to do, attendees have to be strategic about how they spend their time — so here’s a rundown of the what we’re most looking forward to at PhotoPlus 2017, Oct. 26-28.

Learning from industry leaders.

PhotoPlus is both an expo and a conference with a long list of leaders offering up industry insights, camera tricks, advanced shooting techniques, and more. The trade show floor is a venue for exploring gear and meeting other photographers with similar passions, while the conference is designed to help attendees expand their creativity. Several CreativeLive instructors, including Lindsey Adler, Sue Bryce, Joel Grimes, Tamara Lackey, Joe McNally and Jeff Rojas, will present at PhotoPlus 2017.

CreativeLive co-founder Chase Jarvis will also give a keynote presentation with entrepreneur and author Gary Vaynerchuck, merging the art of photography with the basics of business on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. The duo’s high-energy conversation and Q&A with the audience are designed to offer insight into what is often a less well-understood area of photography: running a business.

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Big gear, from the big camera brands.

Trade shows like PhotoPlus are a great way to learn about new gear. Over 200 companies will be on the floor showing off their latest gear and programs. Attendees get the chance to try out new gear, chat with company representatives, and more. From lenses to camera bodies, monitors to editing software, lighting systems, to camera bags, PhotoPlus is a prime spot for exploring the latest trends in the industry. The show often brings a few new gear announcements with it, so attendees are among the first to see the latest gear.

PhotoPlus brings all that gear to the trade show floor, for true hands-on first impressions. Along with brand new announcements, visitors can expect to see previously announced cameras that aren’t yet widely available, available for hands-on shooting.

Unique ideas, from brand new companies.

While booths from the biggest camera manufacturer’s are must-sees, ignoring the little guys at PhotoPlus 2017 is a big mistake. PhotoPlus is often filled with start-ups and small companies showcasing unique products that could prove to be game changers for photographers worldwide. Discovering new, emerging companies is one of the perks to PhotoPlus.

Incomparable industry insight.

One of the best parts of PhotoPlus 2017 isn’t the products on display or the lessons from the classes — but the people headed to New York for those product demonstrations and classes. With so many like-minded creatives together in one place there are abundant opportunities to network with potential clients, vendors, and photographers. It is also fun to simply make new friends to brainstorm with, learn with — or perhaps, commiserate with.

If you happen to be present at Photo Plus this week and are interested in taking a few of your new friends out to push your creative boundaries, CreativeLive’s own Kenna Klosterman is hosing a walking tour through New York, capturing authentic portraits and creating an authentic connection.

Can’t attend Photo Plus? We got our CEO, Chase Jarvis, to curate a selection of some of his favorite courses. The best news? They’re all 40% off now through Sunday. Start shopping.

Getting a jump start on the latest trends in professional imaging.

While PhotoPlus features a number of opportunities to develop your photography skills in a more traditional sense, the event is also a great place to learn about the latest imaging trends, with special events focused on what’s next for the industry. A Drone+ seminar will help photographers learn about capturing aerial views while keeping two feet firmly planted on the ground, including current laws on drone use and using drone photography to expand a photography business.

PhotoPlus 2017 also includes the new NYVR Expo, a dedicated space for learning about virtual reality technology, including a seminar that teaches photographers what they need to know to expand into the 360 space.

Finding what you’re missing.

PhotoPlus can be a gateway out of a creative rut. Photographers can get that piece of advice that takes shots from good to great or learn about that gear that simplifies the shooting process. Often, you don’t know quite what you are looking for until you stumble upon it while exploring the show floor, listening in on a discussion, participating in a portfolio review, or chatting with other photographers. While there are several things you know you can find at PhotoPlus, often, it is the unexpected lessons that make the biggest impact.

PhotoPlus brings together people with one passion — photography — but limitless ideas under the same roof. The mix of experience among the speakers, the unique innovations of the companies, and the distinct ideas of the attendees helps fuel everyone’s creativity — and that’s what we’re looking forward to the most at PhotoPlus 2017.

Can’t attend Photo Plus? We got our CEO, Chase Jarvis, to curate a selection of some of his favorite courses. The best news? They’re all 40% off now through Sunday. Start shopping.

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