Photoshop Week Propels CreativeLive to Over 10MM Viewing Hours


Students from 178 Countries Tuned In for 460,000 viewing hours of free Photoshop Instruction in Week-long Live Broadcast Workshop

SEATTLE (March 22, 2013) – creativeLIVE  the world’s leading live broadcast education company announced that students have now consumed more than 10 million viewing hours of free educational content on its platform. It reached this milestone recently when 150,000 students from 178 countries tuned into a course called “Photoshop Week” where students consumed 460,000 viewing hours of education on Adobe’s Photoshop software. This event provided a range of Photoshop topics geared toward first time and experienced users alike, allowing people from various skill levels to deepen their knowledge and add new abilities to their professional repertoire. Key highlights from Photoshop week include:

  • – Audiences around the world tuned in for a total of 460,000 viewing hours of Photoshop workshops taught by renowned photography professionals.
  • – 46 segments of Photoshop coursework were broadcast over two simultaneous live channels.
  • – 150,000 students from over 178 countries tuned in for the interactive workshops.
  • – 13 photography professionals, such as Dave CrossLesa Snider and Jack Davis, taught comprehensive segments from their professional expertise.
  • – Users interacted in real-time with the expert instructors and each other through chat, Facebook and Twitter capabilities, allowing instructors to refine content during the courses and ensure course material taught to the interests and needs of the live audience
  • – Students from around the world competed to attend courses in-person as a part of the studio audience

“Photoshop Week brought together one of the world’s largest creative communities and provided access to the top instructors in the Photoshop field, ” said Mika Salmi, CEO of creativeLIVE, “By breaking down financial barriers, geographic barriers, and the barrier of ‘access’ to these top experts, we are disrupting the current education models and empowering people around the world with real, tangible skills. During the live broadcast of Photoshop Week, attendees accessed expert training and asked questions of professional instructors without paying a course fee. All class content is viewable for free during the live events, and subsequently available for purchase on the creativeLIVE website for those who are unable to attend or those who want ongoing access to that content.”

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