Top 10 CreativeLive Classes of 2014

April Bowles creativeliveFrom Photoshop to podcasting to posing, 2014’s 10 bestselling classes reflect the breadth and depth of CreativeLive students’ interests.

1. Photoshop Week
The epic event now known as CreativeLive Photoshop Week 2014 kicked off with Russell Brown’s Photoshop Odyssey, and wrapped with Khara Plicanic’s sassy humor and state-of-the-art unicorn Photoshop skills. Visit for a range of more course options. 
VVE 12
2. The Power of Body Language
“Vanessa Van Edwards won the hearts and minds of CreativeLive students in 2014, hands down,” says CreativeLive’s Head of Money & Life Education, David Moldawer. “She covers an incredible spectrum of evergreen skills that are relevant (and hugely useful) to pretty much every human being.”

3. Fundamentals of Digital Photography
John Greengo’s accessible, essential overview of the core concepts every photographer needs to know is back again in January 2015.

April Bowles BTS4. Build a Successful Creative Blog
Blogging has become ubiquitous in our culture, but it’s hard to know how to find a unique voice and stand out from the crowd.  Luckily, the incredible April Bowles-Olin has the answer!  This class, one of the first ever broadcast on the CreativeLive Craft channel, is a comprehensive plan to help you write and market a successful blog.

Lindsay Adler teaching

5. Posing 101
Everyone, from working photographers to people who only pick up their cameras twice a year, needs to take this class — taught by the inimitable (and inexhaustible) Lindsay Adler. In the span of just a few hours, Lindsay covers every possible posing scenario you might face — from couples with drastically different heights to a gaggle of energetic toddlers. Name your posing problem, Lindsay has a solution.

Alex Blumberg — CreativeLive6. Power Your Podcast With Storytelling
This American Life producer Alex Blumberg joined us to teach audio storytelling as it is practiced by the radio pros at NPR. “Alex’s class coincided with an incredible resurgence in the podcasting format,” says David Moldawer, “culminated in the national sensation that was NPR’s Serial. America is having a podcasting moment and this is by far the best fundamental class on how to tell stories like the ones that have currently seized hold of the zeitgeist.”

7. InDesign Fundamentals
Jason Hoppe’s course will give anyone — from InDesign amateurs to designers to entrepreneurs — the skills they need to publish more visually engaging materials, create dynamic marketing that attract more clients, diversify the design skills you offer clients, and more.

Photo courtesy Susan Stripling.
8. 30 Days of Wedding Photography
Success as a wedding photographer requires more than just raw talent and the desire to be a professional photographer. To survive in this highly competitive industry, you need strong business skills and a deep understanding of your craft.  Enter Susan Stripling, one of the savviest, wittiest, stylish, and most candid photographers we have the pleasure of working with.

A man and his guitar. Photo courtesy Kurt Ballou.

Gear Gods Presents: Studio Pass with Kurt Ballou
One of the most prolific producers in metal/hardcore/punk, Kurt’s worked with a laundry list of bands including everyone from Champion and Have Heart to Kvelertak, Cave In, and Nails. This class takes you  inside his studio — and mind — and shows you exactly how Kurt’s unique process works.

10. Design Surface Patterns from Scratch
Ever wanted to turn one of your sketches or drawings into a pattern? Bonnie Christine is a magician, and in this class, she taught us how to be one, too.

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