2017 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Makers (Under $39)

If you have a maker/artist/designer on your holiday gift list it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many options!

To reduce overwhelm and set you up for gift-giving success, we’ve assembled a list of 10 fail-proof ways to please the creative in your life.

This holiday gift list includes products and classes that will equip your loved one with the skills and supplies they need to keep creating:

1. Drawing the Everyday Everday

Drawing every day is an ideal way to soothe frayed nerves and set off a creative spark. Help someone your love integrate a drawing habit into their daily routine.

2. Rapidograph Technical Pen

Fancy pens. Everyone wants them.

Find 10 Perfect Gifts for Makers, Artists, and Designers (Under $39) on the CreativeLive blog.

3. Hand Lettering 101

We see (and love) it all the time! Hand lettering is all the rage. And that is because it adds beauty and dimension to everyday life. Equip the maker on your holiday list with the tools and techniques they need to take up hand lettering for themselves.

4. Hand lettered to and from stamps

Gift tags from here to eternity will be more adorable with this custom stamp set. Get it.

Find 10 Perfect Gifts for Makers, Artists, and Designers (Under $39) on the CreativeLive blog.

5. Brush Lettering Basics

Makers gonna make. So you might as well help them along. This fun class will get them all up to speed on the super-awesome art of brush lettering.

6. Brush Lettering Supply Kit

Tombow makes great pens and this dual-tip set is an ideal starter kit for brush-lettering artist on your list.

7. Invitations in Photoshop

Knowing how to make your own invitations is practically a life skill. Give the gift of knowledge with this very practical class.

8. Hand Made Canvas Tote Bag

This handmade bag has long handles. That means it is adorable and practical and will definitely be loved.

9. Simple Methods for Custom Lettering

If the maker on your holiday wish list prefers to spend their time in Adobe Illustrator instead of with a pen and paper in hand, this is the class for them.

10. Travelers Sketchpad/Notebook

A stylish sketchbook is a great way to upgrade someone’s life.

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