Great photography captures the imagination and pushes us to do ever-better work.

Indulge and inspire the photographer on your holiday gift list with one of the titles from this collection of photography books by CreativeLive instructors.

Borne Back by Victoria Will

Borne Back features Victoria Will’s tintype photographs of actors and directors at the Sundance Film Festival.

Impressed by Will’s ability to capture such compelling portraits in the busy environment of Sundance? Find out how she does it in, Portraits Under Pressure.

The Enthusiast’s Guide to Exposure by John Greengo

The Enthusiast’s Guide to Exposure: 49 Photographic Principles You Need to Know addresses what you “need to know” in order to shoot great images with powerful compositions.

Greengo has an extensive collection of classes in the CreativeLive catalog. If you are new to photography, don’t miss an opportunity to get a leg up with, The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners

The Dramatic Portrait by Chris Knight

In this book Chris Knight addresses portraiture with a unique approach to both light and shadow. His insights will help the reader improve and elevate their own portraiture.

Want to experiment with more darkness in your photographs? Knight demonstrates the techniques behind his moody images in the class, Exploring Low Key Portraiture.

The Lost Rolls by Ron Haviv

The Lost Rolls is a time capsule, representing over twenty years of respected photojournalist, Ron Haviv’s life and work. The images and essays offer a compelling and powerful look into life, before digital, toward the end of the twentieth century.

Curious how such a body of work could come together? Learn more about the experience and art of photojournalism in Haviv’s Your Photojournalism Survival Kit.

The Photographer’s Guide to Posing by Lindsay Adler

Posing is a crucial skill for photographers. Learn how to direct every personality, body type, and person who steps in front of your camera with the help of Lindsey Adler’s book.

Ready to dive deep on portrait photography? Look no further than Adler’s Portrait Photography Bootcamp.

Wedding Storyteller Volume 1 by Roberto Valenzuela

Every love story deserves to be told and in this book, Valenzuela teaches photographers how to tell it.

Good lighting makes all the difference. Learn how Valenzuela gets Picture Perfect Lighting.

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