Take This Test To Find Out What Kind Of Photoshopper You Are

Is Photoshop always on your mind? Do you constantly look at photos in magazines while laughing and muttering, “Clearly that’s photoshopped — are you guys even trying?”

Take this short quiz to learn what kind of Photoshopper you really are. Click the photo below to get your personalized result and find out what crops up for you.

Which photoshopper are you?

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The Achiever

You are magic. You can do anything in Photoshop, and nary a seam will show. A client could ask you to photoshop Bono eating a burrito in a bolero, and the Associated Press would report it as fact the next day. You read all the manuals and go to all the tutorial sessions. When Adobe asks you to submit user feedback, a smile like a ray of sunshine breaks across your face: happily, old friend, you think. When you go for a jog, you wear those weird shoes with toes. You’re going to Photoshop Week because you want to bask in the presence of your beloved software…and to show off your chops.
You think that the Pragmatist is an amateur, the Memer is a punk (I mean, what is our society coming to?), and the Overshopper should just grow up and get a real job. [Take the quiz again to meet them!]

The Memer

Photoshop is your greatest weapon. The Internet fears and respects you, for no forum is safe from the onslaught of your memes. You are the Huns outside the gates of Rome. Nothing is sacred to you, except perhaps Reddit. The intricacies of technique are not your forte, but then again, who cares? With the lasso tool in your left hand and the clone stamp in your right, there is nothing you can’t composite. Obama on the moon wearing hammer pants? Done. Mona Lisa with the face of Steve Buscemi? Been there. You’re going to Photoshop Week, but only to learn new ways to troll people.
You think the Achiever is a square, the Pragmatist could learn a thing or two from you, and you’re actually kind of scared of the Overshopper. [Take the quiz again to meet them!]

The Pragmatist

Oh, Photoshop? Well, yes, you use it now and then, but you’ve got a business to run and you don’t have time to read the manuals. Who’s got time to track down what all those buttons mean? What in tarnation is a clone stamp? You’re very utilitarian. You’ve got a job to do, dadgummit, and you mean to get it done! You’re joining Photoshop Week because you heard Lightroom can help you to automate editing and to organize all your files. You want to free up more time to finish reading the Economist and finally get down to painting that wall.
You’re sure the Achiever, the Memer and the Overshopper are all fine people, but frankly you’re here to master solid skills and could I leave you alone please? [Take the quiz again to meet them!]

The Overshopper

Yes, Photoshop. You’re glad I asked. You love it. It’s fun, and who doesn’t want to add a bit of spice to reality? You think everything could use a little Photoshopping. Those mountains? Turn up the saturation on that. That model gazing into the distance? Let’s up the contrast, add a lens flare, and clone stamp some more eye shadow. You wish they would make a rainbow filter. You lasso like Bowie and gradient like Prince. You’re coming to Photoshop Week because there’s always something more you can learn about retouching.
You think the Achiever is a curmudgeon and the Pragmatist is a bore. You like the Memer’s fire, but truth be told you don’t really get what’s going on there. [Take the quiz again to meet them!]

You open Photoshop. What are you working on?

Example images for the meetup on post-production you’re about to lead.

Adding a caption to an image of a cat surfing on a rainbow.

Two wedding albums, an engagement photoshoot, five or six one-off portraiture gigs and that editing project for your grad program. Breeeathe.


You’re procrastinating. What’s your social media platform of choice?

Instagram. Must share my masterpieces.

Reddit (r/photoshopbattles, obviously).

Wouldn’t really say I go in for that kid stuff.

Pinterest. Refresh. Tumblr. Refresh. Twitter. Refresh. Facebook. Refresh.

What does your desk look like right now?

Carefully organized. Everything in its right place.

Post-apocalyptic warzone.

Who works at a desk anymore?

Covered in colorful art supplies and inspirational posters.

You gaze out the window, thinking about your dream getaway. Where do you go?

Caribbean cruise.

Space camp.

Anywhere. Literally anywhere that takes me away from this workload.


You’re in the museum of modern art. What do you stand in front of with your arms crossed?

Ansel Adams landscape.

Banksy exhibit.

Art museum? Not my thing.

Andy Warhol exhibit.

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Casey Cosley

As a Seattle-based photographer, I incorporate the culture and style of the city into the sense and attitude of my work. I deliver a stunning and vibrant body of work for my clients, and am available for commercial & editorial travel and/or location photo assignments worldwide. Check out my work on Instagram.