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Photoshop Week 2019

17 freshly-designed workshops
7 expert & renowned instructors
3 days to unlock Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom®

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photoshop week 2019

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How-to is just the beginning

Netflix-style posters. Redfin-stopping photography. Portfolios that break Behance- and get new clients knocking! Most importantly, create your best work ever. For 3 days, surround yourself with mentors and learning that push your real-world work forward.

Get into the details:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Editing
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Post-processing
  • Teamwork
  • Special Effects
  • Retouching
  • Cinematic Campaigns
  • Compositing
  • Workflow
  • Color Grading
  • Portfolio Building

Learn From Industry Experts

Go inside the minds of digital dreamers, award-winning
photographers, designers you follow, authors, innovators,
and Adobe community professionals.

Jesus Ramirez

Digital graphics expert, speaker, and educator best known for launching the Photoshop Training Channel.

Rafael “RC” Concepcion

Award-winning photographer and author of 5 best-sellers on Photoshop, Lightroom and more.

Lisa Carney

High-end retoucher who’s spent 20+ years working in print, motion pictures, and TV.

Jared Platt

Fine arts photographer and educator specializing in wedding and lifestyle photography.

Kristina Sherk

High-end photo retoucher for Time Inc, author for Shutter Magazine, and “Photoshop translator”.

Randy Van Duinen

30+ year professional photographer and educator specializing in architectural and fine arts.

Stephen Vanasco

Photographer and owner of visual skateboards heavily influenced by the ‘90s skate scene.

Align Your Skills With
Your Creative Goals

Dying for better projects or crafting your dream shoot?
Learn the techniques and workflows today's greats rely on, so you can
get the looks you love (and an audience who truly appreciates you)

Unlock the speed
of Lightroom

Don’t have hours to spend retouching? Know exactly how and what to enhance to make portraits shine in seconds.

Place Your

Go beyond merge to create composites and scenes that would take big budgets to capture in camera.

Add video to
your arsenal

Use what you know in whole new ways that make you valuable to clients and re-excite your creative side.

18 Classes to help
you do it all

Photographers, advertisers, YouTubers, filmmakers, and lifelong artists,
after this incredible event you’ll have the skills and confidence
to take everything you touch to the next level.

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Watch along with
the community

Join 100K creators just like you who are brought
together to make their best work ever.

I am a well seasoned artist and teacher and still gleaned so many golden nuggets from this whole series, a must watch!

-Joe F., Student

I found CreativeLive and realized that this was that missing piece that I needed. This community of photographers, this group of creative people that I could use as a way to learn and grow.

-Sally S., Student

There's no magic button! Hard work, practice, and constantly
improving is the only way to succeed in anything you want to do.

-Jesus Ramirez, Instructor

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