The Top 5 CreativeLive Craft & Maker Classes of 2014

Blogging has become ubiquitous in our culture, but it’s hard to know how to find a unique voice and stand out from the crowd.  Luckily, the incredible April Bowles-Olin has the answer!  This class, one of the first ever broadcast on the CreativeLive Craft channel, is a comprehensive plan to help you write and market a successful blog.

2.  Design Surface Patterns from Scratch

If you’re an artist, or even someone who is a habitual doodler, you can learn from Bonnie Christine to easily use Adobe Illustrator to turn your art into patterns for stationary, fabric prints, desktop wallpaper, and more.  And, once you know how to do that, Bonnie will teach you how to assemble a portfolio to pitch and sell your designs to interested buyers.
Have you ever dreamed of seeing your handmade products on store shelves in your town? Megan Auman’s amazing class gives you all the tools you need to work with retailers, navigate the trade show circuit, and diversify your product line. And, this class is great for experienced makers as well as those just thinking about starting a handmade business.
Adobe Lightroom is the industry standard for professional photographers — but it’s simple enough to use that novices can take advantage of its powerful image optimizing, editing, and sharing tools. Veteran CreativeLive instructor Jared Platt covers everything you need to know to use Lightroom to create clean and stylish layouts.
Have you been wondering if you can turn your handmade hobby into a small business?  Kari Chapin offers an inspirational approach to help you share your work with the world.  And, if you’re still trying to decide what kind of business to start, Kari also has a few short Fast-Start classes to help you dive deep into 4 of the most popular businesses out there – Sewing, Jewelry, Soap, and Paper Goods.  You’ll leave fully able to take that leap and build a successful, sustainable business.
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