Top 6 CreativeLive Photography Classes of 2014

get your business featured on local TVIt comes as no surprise that CreativeLive’s 2014 top-selling photography classes run the gamut from John Greengo’s perpetually essential Fundamentals of Digital Photography to Felix Kunze and Sue Bryce’s mesmerizing, banter-rich Lighting Challenge: Natural vs. Studio.

This year, CreativeLive students invested in an impressive breadth of topics — from posing to advanced retouching (Pratik Naik’s The Art & Business of High-End Retouching was an immediate — and lasting — breakaway hit).

Without further adieu, here are the top-selling classes of this past year:

Photoshop Week
The epic event now known as Photoshop Week 2014 kicked off with Russell Brown’s Photoshop Odyssey, and wrapped with Khara Plicanic’s sassy humor and state-of-the-art unicorn Photoshop skills. See for yourself:

Fundamentals of Digital Photography
John Greengo’s accessible, essential overview of the core concepts every photographer needs to know is back again in January 2015. Who doesn’t want to know how to select the perfect saturation point?

Posing 101
Everyone, from working photographers to people who only pick up their cameras twice a year, needs to take this class — taught by the inimitable (and inexhaustible) Lindsay Adler. In the span of just a few hours, Lindsay covers every possible posing scenario you might face — from couples with drastically different heights to a gaggle of energetic toddlers. Name your posing problem, Lindsay has a solution. Here’s Linds showing us how to (gorgeously and professionally) capture movement and energy — turning an unexpected gesture into a fluid art form.

30 Days of Wedding Photography
Success as a wedding photographer requires more than just raw talent and the desire to be a professional photographer. To survive in this highly competitive industry, you need strong business skills and a deep understanding of your craft.  Enter Susan Stripling, one of the savviest, wittiest, stylish, and most candid photographers we have the pleasure of working with. In her 30 Days of Wedding Photography masterclass, Susan reveals everything she knows — including how she structures her business, pays herself, and prices her work. Here’s a clip of Susan doing what she does best:

Photo Week
Once a year CreativeLive convenes the world’s best and brightest photographers to bring you the industry’s most epic online photography conference: Photo Week. It’s no easy feat to book dozens upon dozens of photographers in one stand-alone event, but our photo team pulled that off and more this year. 49 classes shot and broadcast in just 6 days? Check. Bonus channel with non-stop gear demos? Check. Now, onto planning 2015…

The Lighting Challenge: Natural vs. Studio
There are no words for the crackling chemistry Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze have onscreen. Equal parts punch and sass, these two concocted their own lighting curriculum — resulting in a mesmerizing class in which they taught their hard-earned lighting techniques to each other, live. These two are both Olympic-grade athletes (and wits) in front of the camera. You can catch a glimpse of their incredible rapport here:

The Art & Business of High-End Retouching
Pratik Naik is a legendary retoucher whose work can be seen in magazines all over the world, ranging from Marie Claire, Elle, Zink, and many more. In his first-ever class on CreativeLive, Pratik transfixed our staff, students, and global community with his world-class skill set and teaching abilities. During a live photo shoot, Pratik worked with Felix Kunze, demonstrating how photographers and retouchers can work together to craft a final product that exceeds the expectations of both parties. Pratik then revealed every single step of his retouching process as he turned Felix’s raw photos into high-quality images right there in our studios.

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