Spring into Action: Seasonal Home Design Tips

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Now that spring is finally in the air, it’s time you put away those plaid blankets, ditch your giant stack of Snuggies, and  start brainstorming a fresh new look for your house. That said, don’t just head out to the hardware store without the proper planning! Luckily, CreativeLive instructor Tobi Fairley and the design-savvy folks from House Beautiful have put together a great list of tips and tricks to help you decorate for spring in style!

Kids? Yes! White? No!

Have your eye on a giant white sofa? You might want to think twice. Sure, it looks light and airy (and screams spring), but you’ll have a case of buyers remorse once your kid spills juice all over it….

Seat for Success

Your living room might look awesome with just a sparse sectional and a couple trendy poufs, but where are your friends going to sit? Make sure your common areas are just as functional as they are pretty –– you want your guests to be able to pull up a chair and make themselves at home!

Find Inspiration In Travel

If you’re fortunate enough to travel, take in as much design inspiration as you can from museums, gardens, and local hot spots. Even a simple drive to a neighboring town can give you fresh new ideas to incorporate into your own home.

Paint An Accent Wall

Painting your entire bedroom bright pink might seem like a great idea in your sunshine-fueled state of mind, but why not instead paint just one wall? You’ll get a great pop of color and a focal point in the room –– plus, you don’t have to put in nearly as much time and effort!

Splurge on a Statement

It can be tempting to save money and decorate your entire home with thrifty pieces from Ikea, but sometimes it pays to pay-up. Investing in a statement piece will make your home unique, and you’ll probably keep the item forever instead of tossing it in your summer garage sale.

Plan Before You Paint

So you want to paint your living room? Great –– but make sure to test your paint color by painting swatches first. Even a simple white comes in a million shades, and picking the wrong one can make a space too light or too dark!

Built-Ins Are Your Best Friend

A room is so much more than four blank walls. Said walls might have wainscotting, or molding, or soft angles! Keep the original architecture of your home in mind when decorating, and you’ll end up with a more cohesive design.

Follow Your Intuition

Florals might not be on trend, but if you’re obsessed with all-things flowery, follow your gut and snatch up that printed sofa before you live to regret it. It’s always best to follow your instincts while decorating your home –– after all, you’re the one who has to live in it!

Be Original

Putting together a living room is pretty easy: stick a couple chairs in front of a couch, throw a coffee table in the middle, and you’re good to go. But if you don’t want your house to look like everyone else’s, make sure to punch it up with unique accessories, interesting art, and original decor. The details are what sets your space apart!

Find A Focal Point

Make sure each room in your home has one item that draws you in. Whether its a piece of art, a piece of statement furniture, or a giant flower arrangement at the end of your hallway, a focal point helps define the space.

Slow Your Roll

We love decorating as much as the next person, but try to scale things back if you think you’re going a little design crazy. Do you really need three different throws on your couch? Probably not.

When It Comes To Doors, Bigger Is Better

If you can afford a quick remodel while you’re decorating, hire someone to expand your doorways beyond the standard 7 feet. It’ll open up the space and make your home feel so much roomier!

For more tips form Tobi, check out her collection of courses on CreativeLive

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