Do You Need a Home Design Makeover?

Messy Home DesignIt’s a new year, which means the time has come to get rid of all the clutter in your house. Acclaimed interior designer and creativeLIVE instructor Tobi Fairley is all about repurposing items that no longer function in your space — after all, if you don’t love something you own, let someone else enjoy it!

Design-a-holics often fall into the trap of keeping items that they’re emotionally attached to but don’t necessarily adore, and it can be especially hard to kick expensive items like furniture to the curb. Sure, you want to ditch the giant velvet couch you splurged on back in 2001 (a dark time for us all), but do you sell it on Craigslist and pony up another couple thousand dollars for a brand new sofa, or do you work with what you have?

According to Tobi (and she definitely knows what she’s talking about!), there are a few options. If you’re on a budget and your couch is a neutral color, your best bet is revamping your accessories. Buy a colorful blanket, or commission a few throw pillows in your dream fabric. You’ll be amazed by how a quick facelift can change your couch’s entire design personality!

Want to take this idea to the next level? You can always reupholster — however it can be an expensive process and is only really worth the cost and hassle if you’re extremely attached to the bare bones of your sofa. Alternatively, if you hate your couch’s fabric but can’t give up on the idea of curling up on it with a blanket, go ahead and splurge on reupholstery… though it might be just as pricey as a brand new couch.

If after a therapeutic trip to Room and Board you decide that you can bare to part with your old sofa, it’s officially time to go shopping! Sofas are a focal point in most rooms, so purchasing a new one is a great opportunity to reinvent your design aesthetic and explore new and exciting territory. Just remember — only buy a patterned sofa if you really, really love it. Otherwise you might be right back at square one in just a couple years!

Learn how to define and hone your interior design style in Tobi’s online course What’s Your Home Design Personality?

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