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Food for Thought: 10 Home-Cooked Holiday Presents

by Mehera Bonner
craft & maker

The holidays are all about eating until you’re in a food coma (or at least until you’ve flopped on the floor in a pumpkin pie daze), which is why giving the gift of delicious noms is always a safe bet. Whether you’re a master in the kitchen or can barely open a packet of Ramen noodles, we’ve rounded up a list of fun, quick and super-easy homemade holiday treats that make perfect gifts for your friends and family. And yes, reading this list will make you hungry, so an emergency pile of cookies is recommended.

Chocolate Dipped Brownies

homemade holiday treats

What’s better than a brownie? A chocolate dipped brownie covered in sprinkles, that’s what. If these confections from Sweetapolita don’t put your friends in a good mood during the bleak post Christmas weeks, we don’t know what will.

Earl Gray Almond White Chocolate Bark

homemade holiday treats

Chocolate bark is a singularly holiday-centric treat (seriously, when else is it on the shelves? Never!), and this Earl Gray almond version from Port and Fin is absolutely delightful. Think of it as eating a giant chocolatey cup of tea…

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Homemade Extracts

homemade holiday treats

Extracts are great for baking treats and making delicious cocktails, and they’re surprisingly easy to make with a little TLC. We love these recipes for lemon, grapefruit, vanilla, cinnamon and orange extract from Spoon Fork Bacon –– and check out their adorable packaging!

Smitten Kitchen

homemade holiday treats

Smitten Kitchen is one of the best food blogs out there, and can always be relied on for amazing recipes. But this time we have our eye on these gorgeous fig and walnut biscotti. Talk about the perfect hostess gift.

Bread and Butter Pickles

homemade holiday treats

In the mood for something savory? Look no further than these bread and butter pickles from Naturally Ella. Crunchy, tangy, sweet and sour, they’re a great accompaniment to some post-Christmas wine and cheese.

Linzer Cookies

homemade holiday treats

These heart-shaped Linzer cookies from Ma Niche could not be cuter or cozier, and would look absolutely adorable dressed up in a box under the tree. If there’s one cookie that accurately represents the holidays, it’s the Linzer.

Cinnamon Sugar Gingerbread Doughnuts

homemade holiday treats

One can never have enough doughnuts during the month of December (and, uh, every other month of the year), but these cinnamon sugar gingerbread doughnuts from Tracy’s Culinary Adventures are next-level delicious. Try them immediately.

Herbed Mozzarella

homemade holiday treats

If you’re looking for another savory option, these mini mozzarella balls are the way to go. Simply buy fresh cheese from your grocery store, and then jar it with good quality olive oil, herbs and wintry spices like thyme, sage and rosemary. Check out Pretty Hungry Blog for tips!

Fig and Cognac Marmalade

homemade holiday treats

No list of home cooked holiday gifts would be complete without a jam, and we’re obsessed with this fig and cognac marmalade from Elegantly Vegan. Mostly because of the cognac.

Infused Vodka

homemade holiday treats

Speaking of spirits, check out these infused vodka recipes from My Baking Addiction. The perfect present for the cocktail lover in your life, and way better than anything with Absolut in the title.

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