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How to Rebrand a Household Name

Stanley Hainsworth, Chief Creative Officer at Tether and Creative Director, Kari Strand, give us a behind-the-scenes take on the rebranding process for a well-known product.  Celestial Seasonings has led the herbal tea brand category since its inception, 45 years ago. It boasts a legion of…

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The Photographer’s 7-Step Branding Checklist

This is an excerpt from Sal Cincotta‘s free workbook, 5 Tips to Finding and Booking Photography Clients —download the entire thing below! Get it together, photographer! Be the brand your clients (and potential clients) lust for. Stop acting small. Start acting big. It’s a chicken and egg,…

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5 Things to Remember When Creating a Wordmark

Designing a wordmark* is part science and part feeling. As I learned in Michael Stinson’s Logo Design: Wordmarks class, the science of it has been lost in most modern design education. In previous generations, learning how to typeset with metal type was fundamental to becoming…

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