7 Instances of Inspiring Typography on Instagram

creative typography on instagram
With the popularity of designers like Jessica Hische and Louise Fili, who focus on beautiful lettering and text, typography has taken off — not just as a design element, but as an inspirational medium in itself. On Instagram especially, those who are talented with pixels and pens show off both what they can do, and how they think.

They remind us of what we believe in, and inspire us to do better in our days.

Here are 8 images that captivate us:

This play on chalk lettering is really lovely.

A grammar lesson AND an example of diverse typography!

Sometimes, simple really is the way to go.

Layering text over a bright, vibrant image can be difficult, but this works really well.

A work-in-progress that’s still a work of art.

The way this text lives together is not only beautiful, but legible — which is important!

One of our favorite sayings.

Want to try your own hand at lettering and logos? Jack Davis’s Personalized Letters and Logos is a great, single-day resource.

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