Advancements in the mobile photography arena has made it pretty easy to ditch your DSLR in favor of your lightweight and slim smartphone. World famous photographer Ed Kashi agrees, which is why he taught a class on Storytelling With Mobile Photography. Ed Kashi, you guys.

If you’ve got a mobile photographer on your holiday shopping list, and you want to help them level up their photo game this year, these are the gifts they need.

Got a mobile photographer in your life? Try these gifts on for size this season.

We wouldn’t judge if you also ordered a few items for yourself while you’re shopping. It’s better to gift and receive, right? Check out our picks for the mobile photographer below!

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Bonus: Creativelive

Obviously we had to throw ourselves in the ring for this one because not only do we have a class from Ed Kashi on Storytelling With Mobile Photography like I mentioned earlier, but iPhone 6S Photography With Julia Kelleher, and a Mobile Workflow With Adobe CC With Jared Platt if your mobile photographer wants to keep all their work on the go.

1. Artifact Uprising

Not just for mobile photographers, Artifact Uprising is our favorite place to go to print photos online since they have photo books, prints, frames, and accessories to showcase your loved one’s photography. They have gift cards, too, so check it out!

2. Caseify

Toting around and whipping out that mobile phone comes at a risk, so keep your pal’s treasured device safe with a sweet case. There are endless options, so pop some corn and settle in to browse.

3. Juice Box Battery ($40)

Speaking of cases, the Juice Box Battery case from Photojojo is awesome and comes highly recommended from those in our office that are constantly taking photos, Instagrams, and Snaps since it keeps your battery chugging along for much longer than it was intended to alone. Plus, it’s adorable. Can’t beat adorable.

4. Pocket Spotlight ($30)

Another handy thing to have … well, on hand is a light for those dark and dim lighting situations. The Pocket Spotlight provides just enough light to get the shot you need in any situation. Plus, you can use it for light painting and that’s pretty cool, too.

5. Shutter Remote ($25)

The worst part about selfies? The fact that your arm might be too short to get a good shot. We understand, which is why the Photojojo Shutter Remote can help you frame the perfect shot by allowing you to disconnect yourself from your device and use a button to snap the pic instead. Your friends will love it.

Want more awesome gift ideas? Check out our CreativeLive Gift Guide and give the gift of creativity this year!

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