Picture Perfect Lighting


Picture Perfect Lighting


Class Description

Don’t rely on Photoshop tricks to make your portraits pop – learn how to use light to capture the moment in a camera. In Picture Perfect Lighting, Roberto Valenzuela will teach you how to make the magic happen with on-camera, off-camera, and natural light.

Roberto is a photographer and educator committed to helping other photographers overcome roadblocks and produce their best work. In this class, he’ll teach you how to achieve perfect lighting in your portraits without always relying on bulky and expensive modifiers. 

You’ll learn:
  • How to handle Speedlites
  • The best way to use natural light
  • Studio lighting techniques
Roberto will demystify lighting and help you become a more confident practitioner of your craft. You’ll learn to embrace lighting as a source of creativity and expression, rather than a source of fear.

In Picture Perfect Lighting, Roberto will help you reduce the time you spend retouching in Photoshop so you can focus on what is really fun about photography: taking pictures. You’ll develop a better understanding of the principles behind photography lighting and learn about the gear that will make your work more beautiful – without weighing you down.

If your unedited images could use a little boost, don’t miss your chance to learn how create Picture Perfect Lighting with Roberto Valenzuela.


  1. Intro and Who This Class is For
  2. 3 Groups for All Lighting Scenarios
  3. My Progress in Lighting

    It is boring when everyone shoots the same photos over and over. Roberto talks about developing a unique look.

  4. Analyzing Circumstantial Lighting
  5. Circumstantial Lighting Q & A
  6. Using a Reflector the Right Way
  7. 5 Behaviors of Light: Overview and Angle
  8. 5 Behaviors of Light: Inverse Square Law of Light
  9. 5 Behaviors of Light: Relative Size
  10. 5 Behaviors of Light: Relative Size Continued
  11. 5 Behaviors of Light: Color
  12. 5 Behaviors of Light: Reflective Surfaces
  13. 5 Behaviors of Light: Q & A
  14. Location SWOT Analysis and 10 Things to Look For
  15. Location SWOT Analysis: Examples and Exercises
  16. Overview Q & A
  1. Speedlites: The Basics and TTL
  2. Speedlites: Manual Flash
  3. Speedlites: Zoom Flash
  4. Speedlites: Zoom and Rotating Flash Head and Reflectors
  5. Speedlites: First Curtain vs. Second Curtain Sync
  6. Speedlites: High Speed Sync
  7. Speedlites: Optical vs. Radio Systems
  8. Speedlites: Groups and Channels
  9. Location Lighting Upgrade Examples
  10. Indoor Lighting: Building on Ambient Light
  11. Outdoor Lighting : Speedlights in Direct Sunlight
  12. Outdoor Lighting: Using Speedlites in Shade
  13. Outdoor Lighting: Romantic Look and Patterns with Speedlites
  14. Indoor Lighting: Creating a Window with Strobes and a Curtain
  15. Indoor Lighting: Moody Light with Speedlites and Gels
  16. Indoor Lighting: Reflective Surfaces
  17. Indoor Lighting: Shooting Against a Window
  18. Indoor Lighting: Adding a Reference Point and Ambience
  19. Indoor Lighting: Shooting into a Mirror and Creating Separation
  1. Why You Need to Learn to Get it Right In Camera
  2. Location Photo Review and Analysis
  3. Intro to Reception Lighting SWOT Analysis
  4. Reception Lighting Setup
  5. Image Critique: Lighting Problems and Solutions
  6. Don't Limit Yourself As A Photographer



I can say enough about this class, the best class ever I've seen about lighting. Roberto Valenzuela, as a professional photographer and artist is the best also as a teacher. If you are beginner, enthusiastic, o professional photographer and want to craft and master lighting for ever and ever, please buy this class. Thanks Creative Live for the opportunity of been part of this. Roberto you are the best. "Eres el Mejor Amigo, Gracias"