If you have audiophile on your holiday list, you aren’t confused about the “kind” of thing they want for Christmas: anything audio.

But, you might not be sure about which thing to actually buy. To help you out this holiday season, we put together a list of high-quality classes and products that almost any audio enthusiast will appreciate. Check it out:

1. DIY Mastering

While there’s no substitute for having an engineer master music, that’s just not feasible for many artists. This class is the next best thing: a comprehensive guide to DIY mastering.

2. Sony Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Affordable and effective; these earphones do exactly what you need them to do without costing an arm and a leg.

3. Mixing Master Class

When the one you love is ready to go deep on audio mixing, this is the class for them. Joey Sturgis covers way more than the basics and makes mixing masters out of amateurs.

4. Finality Limiter

This limiter lets the at-home audio engineer on your holiday list dial in their sound. Joey Sturgis developed this beloved plug-in and for a modest sum it will control peak and level dynamics in a mix.

5. Intro to Home Recording

If you have a budding musician or an amateur recording engineer on your holiday list, this class will give them the skills they need to start laying down tracks that’ll make their mama proud.

6. Funny Drummer T-shirt

A clever take on the classic band t-shirt, this shirt will see plenty of wear.

7. The Working Musician Playbook

This is the class every musician needs. If you want your loved one to make money (not pay money) to play, this class is the exact right place to start.

8. Fender 351 Classic Shape Picks

Stuff someone’s stocking with this high-performance pack of picks.

9. Etymotic High Fidelity Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are pretty much as essential as earphones. Let your loved one know you care about their lifelong hearing with some high-quality ear protection.

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