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In Focus: Through the Lens

Nigel Barker

In Focus: Through the Lens

Nigel Barker

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Class Description

CreativeLive is excited to bring you internationally renowned photographer Nigel Barker. Nigel will discuss the business of photography and how to make your vision a reality across multiple platforms. With 20+ years of experience in the fashion and entertainment industry, Nigel is also a successful author, director, and humanitarian. He served 18 seasons as photographer and judge on the hit TV show America's Next Top Model and won the "Film Heals" Award for Humanitarianism for "Dreams Are Not Forgotten".

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Paula Heller

Honestly, that was the best presentation I have heard ever! He is so positive and inspiring... Everything is said was from a happy place! Highly Highly recommend this feel good video...

a Creativelive Student

Thank you Nigel, that was a fun and inspiring talk, and I believe there are several things you said that will always come back to my mind every time I'll hold my camera.


this is what i need! to see outside the matrix, and record the real world! i feel like calling it quits sometime, but every time i have that down moment, i come to creative live and find inspiration, and nigel just gave me back that up moment!