10 Days to a Virtual Assistant


10 Days to a Virtual Assistant


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Outsource Something Big

So what we just covered before was medium, sort of, little bit meatier projects that could be happening on a recurring basis might involve lots of different providers and sensitive information, logins, and what not. So now we get to the Big Kahuna's, the big projects. The things that either we have not taken advantage of because we just don't have the resources right now or that's our Q17 project, whatever, in ten years we'll get to it. Or these are the big goals. Or we just don't have the staff that have the knowledge to do these kinds of things. Good example is, an Indiegogo Campaign. A Crowdfunding Campaign. One of the more complex kinds of projects that we've seen in our company and I think that anybody who's ever done one had undertaken, because a Crowdfunding Campaign that is successful requires social media knowledge, copywriting, really good graphic design, really good video, outreach to influencers, lots of conversations. There's about a million different moving parts to these...

kinds of things and as opposed to what we just talked about in the last session where it was something that might be on-going for months or years, but it's only an hour or two here or there that you really have to get involved. Something like a Crowdfunding Campaign could literally be a 2,000 hour project that happens in one month. You can really bend time when you're using outsourced labor because once you get a process refined you can pull in, rather than having one person, because you're on a shoestring budget, one person who is the copywriter and the graphic designer and the programmer. You can get three different people and they can be working simultaneously and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why that works better. A good example for this is anybody who's ever seen any kind of professional race car driving when the car comes into the pit stop the pit stop is typically like two to three or four seconds, but there are, I think, something like three or four minutes of man hours happening in those four seconds because you have two people on each tire, two people on the gas, two people on the front, two people on the, there's about 14 different people that descend on that car in those three to four seconds and are doing all that work simultaneously. And that's how I see the power of outsourcing with a lot of these projects. You can get so much more done faster this way. So you may not have one of these kind of projects on your plate but maybe there's something that you've been thinking about doing. And a Crowdfunding Campaign is a really good example because a lot of people now have really good ideas for products and services that they don't know how to bring to market. And this is sort of the new way of doing that. And one of the things that I really like about the big, big projects that you can outsource is that, maybe ideologically I have this belief that everybody on the planet has some sort of genius in them, like real true genius that could benefit them and the whole world, but 99% of the time it's being blocked because they just don't have the access or the resource. They just don't know what to do with it. And that's sad in a lot of ways. So something like this really opens up the possibilities and the gift that we could get from somebody like that with a really great idea. I talked about in one of the previous sessions, about your uniquability right? And if we had everybody in the world acting in their uniquability then I think that would be a really amazing place. So if we can get something like this to the world, to the market, just like you might have somebody who has great ideas but they can't write or they can't speak on stage because they get nervous. But they still have really great ideas. We have to be able to get those things out of them. There's actually a service being developed right now to help start-ups deal with the ten most common start-up issues in terms of like, creating a company, and having a legal structure, and having a server space and all these kinds of things so that you just have a base line where you can not have to worry about those things and get your idea of the ground. So that's how I see some of those bigger projects. So that might be one. Writing a book. I mentioned that I've seen write book on people's to do lists before. Not really a reasonable thing to have on a to-do list, but we have actually written books and there are services that will create an entire book from interviewing the person, to creating outlines, to developing the cover, and even doing the launch for you. So writing a book is a pretty big project that is something that can be outsourced when you have the right provider. Building a website I think would be considered to be a pretty big one. Sales funnels is a really common one as well. Whereas, it's funny, depending on the service you're working with, when a big holiday comes around, like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, you might see requests for oh, finding a gift for my wife for Valentine's Day, deliver flowers, whatever it might be. Other services you might see somebody saying that they wanna create a sales funnel to sell products to those people that wanna buy things for Valentine's Day. So, a sales funnel's another one that a real good complex example. And it's kind of like the Crowdfunding Campaign. So Crowdfunding might be for a physical product you don't know how to bring it to market, that would be a good way. Sales funnel probably be for more like information products that you don't know how to bring to market. So you might have this amazing book that will help people get out of knee pain, I don't know what it might be, for the rest of their life, because you have a new system to do that. But you don't know how to share that with the world. So going to somebody who can build a ClickFunnels sales funnel, write the copy, do the A/B testing, buy AdWords on Google, and buy Facebook ads, and then actually help with fulfillment. Those are the things that we can take advantage of with some of these larger products. So, what I want you to do here, you may have one of these big projects on your plate already but if you don't, think about what that huge idea is that you've never thought would be possible. Whatever that big, big goal is to help people, to create a new product, to change the way something's done. And it's more likely if you get the right provider, it's something that you can in fact outsource. The real take-away here is that you shouldn't be limited by a lack of knowledge a lack of time and in a lot of cases, a lack of financial resources. Because, with the way that the global market is sort of changing, and the access that we have to people who will sell their time and their knowledge so that your incredible ideas can come to fruition, there shouldn't be any excuse why we can't take advantage of these anymore. So, I hope that that has given you the impetus to take advantage of using a virtual assistant. Whether it's to take your business to the next level, or to make your idea or your dream a reality. Thanks for watching.

Class Description

Surely you’ve thought it countless times: “If only I had an assistant!” But having someone to help take care of your ever-growing to-do list seems like a luxury you simply can’t afford. What’s more, onboarding and training a new employee can feel like more trouble than it’s worth.

The increasingly popular virtual assistant (VA) industry is changing all that. For a reasonable price, you can enlist the services of an experienced virtual assistant who will take on the tasks that you don’t need to be doing. This could include administrative tasks, scheduling, accounting, social media, research and more. That way, you’ll have more time to attend to the things that are most important to you and your success.

Ari Meisel, an expert on entrepreneurship, outsourcing and increasing efficiency, teaches this 10-day micro-boot camp that will help you figure out the best ways to utilize the services of a virtual assistant. He’ll guide you through every step of the process, showing you how to begin by delegating small tasks to your VA, and then slowly adding more responsibility with each assignment.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your unique talents and abilities and which tasks you should delegate to a VA.
  • Find the right VA service to meet your needs.
  • Onboard and train your VA so they are set up for success.
  • Figure out the tools you’ll need to work together and stay connected.
  • Discover the best ways to communicate your needs and delegate your work.
  • Establish processes to keep the work going smoothly.