The Difference Between Outsourcing and Delegating


10 Days to a Virtual Assistant


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The Difference Between Outsourcing and Delegating

The difference between delegating and outsourcing. With delegation, we're really talking about a form of leadership, where you are communicating your needs in a way that somebody else can take that sort of, football, and run with it, and overcome any obstacles that might come along the way without having to come back to you to manage what they're doing. Outsourcing is a little bit more technical, where it's just, I need this done and I'm gonna give it to somebody to do it. And you can outsource things to people in your organization and you can delegate things to people outside of your organization, so that doesn't necessarily make a difference, but there are certainly going to be things that you simply need to get done. And that's really what I think about with outsourcing. Ideally, we want to get to a place where we're delegating, and those are not the things that are just gonna get done, those are the things where strategy will come into play, where you're going to have a partner in ...

what you're doing, and they can actually provide you with a feedback loop and give you criticism on the things you're doing so that we can make the overall process better, and quite honestly the whole chain of optimized, automated outsourced benefits from that. So start this lesson by looking at the processes in your life and your business, the things that you're doing on a regular basis, whether it's daily or weekly or monthly, it doesn't matter, but just look at those processes, whatever they could be, it could be hiring people, it could be how you use social media, how you pay a bill, it doesn't really matter. But start to identify what those processes are, see how we can apply the optimized automated outsource methodology to it, and ideally lets look at how we can delegate those things to not just get them done but get them done better.

Class Description

Surely you’ve thought it countless times: “If only I had an assistant!” But having someone to help take care of your ever-growing to-do list seems like a luxury you simply can’t afford. What’s more, onboarding and training a new employee can feel like more trouble than it’s worth.

The increasingly popular virtual assistant (VA) industry is changing all that. For a reasonable price, you can enlist the services of an experienced virtual assistant who will take on the tasks that you don’t need to be doing. This could include administrative tasks, scheduling, accounting, social media, research and more. That way, you’ll have more time to attend to the things that are most important to you and your success.

Ari Meisel, an expert on entrepreneurship, outsourcing and increasing efficiency, teaches this 10-day micro-boot camp that will help you figure out the best ways to utilize the services of a virtual assistant. He’ll guide you through every step of the process, showing you how to begin by delegating small tasks to your VA, and then slowly adding more responsibility with each assignment.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your unique talents and abilities and which tasks you should delegate to a VA.
  • Find the right VA service to meet your needs.
  • Onboard and train your VA so they are set up for success.
  • Figure out the tools you’ll need to work together and stay connected.
  • Discover the best ways to communicate your needs and delegate your work.
  • Establish processes to keep the work going smoothly.