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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: 24/7 Professional - People Skills to Take You to the Top

Daniel Post Senning

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

This is the 24/7 Professional. This course is about personal skills that you can really leverage to great success in your professional life. I can't overemphasize the importance of personal skills to professional success. The idea of the 24/7 professional is pretty obvious. These are not skills that you adopt when you put that suit on or when you walk through your place of employment in the morning. These are best practices, and they're best practices for a lifetime. My mother wrote our children's etiquette book series, a series of books that were targeted for kids at different developmental stages. She also wrote an overarching book, an umbrella book for parents and teachers called The Gift of Good Manners. It was about giving children the gift of good manners, a gift that would last them a lifetime, it would serve them in all kinds of situations and context. Our mother used to talk to parents and teachers and she would say, "You've gotta model the behaviors that you wanna see kids de...

velop and employ." She'd been teaching for a number of years when she started to change the language in the way that she talked about modeling good behavior. She stopped saying you've gotta model these behaviors and she started saying you've gotta be the parent that you want your kids to be; they are watching you all the time. There is no way to turn these behaviors on and then turn them back off effectively. There's no way to know every time that you're being witnessed and observed. Ultimately, these are fundamental life skills, and it's about a practice, an approach, an ethic that goes beyond just the ways they choose to behave when you're interacting with a particular person, or in a particular situation, or context. I wanna welcome you here, I wanna thank you for caring about the concept of etiquette enough to invest. We're gonna wrap up and tie together a number of themes in this course, this idea about the 24/7 professional. We're gonna talk about leading with civility, about how you can be an effective leader in your organization. Whether you're in a management or executive capacity, or whether you work on the same level as the people that you work with, you could always lead when it comes to civility and basic workplace etiquette. We're gonna revisit the three goals that help bring the fundamental principles of etiquette into action in every situation. We're gonna talk about that 24/7 professional concept that is the overarching umbrella for this course, and about courtesy today. The final skills lesson that I wanna leave everyone with is a skills lesson about thank you notes. A little bit like magic words, these are fundamental etiquette skills that will serve you well in all kinds of situations, and this is gonna be a Madlib's version of the thank you note. This is gonna be a skills lesson on thank you notes that should ideally make it easy and obvious should you choose to write a thank you note, should you decide to seize the opportunity the next time one presents itself, and to write someone a handwritten note. We're then gonna conclude with a wrap-up message about the top 10 business etiquette behaviors, and I'll leave a little bit of time for question and answer at the end of our session.

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Color Expert Kate Smith

A wonderful message for changing today's social climate -- cultivate awareness, caring, and respect for others and my personal favorite -- let kindness inform your honesty.

a Creativelive Student

These tips are especially useful for shy people. It helps give us a roadmap and permission for interacting with others.

Patrice Bendjouya

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