Top Ten Business Etiquette Behaviors


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Top Ten Business Etiquette Behaviors

I wanna leave you today with some information about the top ten business etiquette tips. This is the walk away tip sheet that's gonna help summarize the messages that we've delivered throughout this course. When I'm teaching in person, I print this up on a little card with the top ten business tips on one side and the top ten dining etiquette tips on the other and it's designed to be that tangible, physical reminder that you carry with you, that you leave in your desk drawer, that reminds you about the commitment that you made as you sat and listened and invested the time in thinking about business etiquette. When you said to yourself, "Boy, I could write a few more thank you notes," this might help you to remember to do that. The first tip emphasizes that manner, that behavior, that expectation around punctuality, around honoring time commitments and contracts. A day late and a dollar short, time is money. Use please and thank you, I can't over-emphasize the importance of magic words.

What are some other magic words that are critically important? You're welcome pairs very nicely with thank you. Other magic words, I'm sorry, excuse me, pardon me. Those work really well when you're thinking about tip number six, take responsibility. A really effective way to take responsibility is to apologize when you make a mistake. Then also commit to not repeating that mistake and don't do it again. Present yourself for the job you want. Attire, attitude, and effort. Appearance, actions, and words. Take care, take care with how you present yourself. Take pride in your appearance, take pride in the work that you do, people will notice. She's so put together. He's so invested. It becomes part of your personal brand, it becomes part of the story that you tell about your work. Harness the power of the compliment. They're free and they make people feel good. Fight those demeaning or superior attitudes in yourself. I don't need this, I'm good at what I do. These people don't understand how hard I work around here. Be prepared. Take time, take care. Participate well. Focus particularly on etiquette for greetings, table manners, and workspace issues. Honor relationships. Think about the arc of relationships. Prepare yourself ahead of time. Pay attention to how you initiate or begin relationships, the communication that you use to sustain them, and then part or exit relationships well. The ways that we share food, the ways that we participate in the most fundamental, social ritual of sharing food say a lot about us. Think about the manners for dining and the table as well. Prioritize relationships. Do that by embracing the principles of etiquette, consideration, respect, and honesty, and you will be in great shape no matter what situation you find yourself in or who you're interacting with. No matter how other people feel about your behavior, if you're behaving in a way that's consistently considerate, respectful, and honest, you can feel good about how you conduct yourself. I wanna conclude today by thanking you for your time and attention. I've said repeatedly I think human attention is a gift and I appreciate the gift that you've given me here today. I wish you great success in your future endeavors wherever life takes you. Take good care, thank you so much for being here, I really appreciate it.

Class Description

Once you understand the concepts of good manners and amass a powerful arsenal of positive behaviors, it’s time to put that learning into action. This course is designed to review the principles of good etiquette and then teach you how to apply those principles to your own life.

We all want to be better people, live better lives and experience greater success. Here you’ll get practical advice on how to use your newfound etiquette skills to strengthen your relationships with coworkers, friends and family members and find greater fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Be professional, kind and considerate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Commit to caring about others at all times.
  • Understand the importance of workplace civility.
  • Use key principles to improve etiquette in all situations.
  • Assess your own behavior to ensure you’re building strong relationships.


Color Expert Kate Smith

A wonderful message for changing today's social climate -- cultivate awareness, caring, and respect for others and my personal favorite -- let kindness inform your honesty.

Patrice Bendjouya