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Alien Skin Demo

So we're going to demo alien skin exposure so I'm going to show you how I use it on dh we did on my class with sue the lighting challenge which was a couple months ago we did a fifteen minute demo and it was really popular so I wanted to show you again how I use alien skin so alien skin exposure six so I shot I've been shooting in my apartment which sounds not glamorous but if you're in new york if you have an apartment you're doing well that you can shoot in so has been such a joy for me so I'm really excited to share some of those pictures for the first time that I shot there just over random days with random friends in the last few months and I'm going to try if we have time get to what we shot with supervised this morning and at my house to get it right in camera how to class which was actually I have to get it right on set so I'll get right into it on dh have you guys see how I do it so I have already the images that I want to show you guys ready in a folder I'm going to make them...

a little bit bigger so you can see on dh I'm gonna work through all of these we have some very very disparate images something shot on cyan backdrops something really moody something quite simple and we also have the results off this morning with soup rice we shot lovely cathy in the studio we shot her on my back drop in a little bit more off a look that's more who she is on dh paul who was shot in a more masculine higher contrast kind of look so I'm going to go ahead and open all these files on I'm just going to drag them down here onto scaling ellen skin exposure six and you'll see right away everything opens up in a flash so let's get right into this I've got my images here you'll see it opens them all up in this little viewer down here and I can make it bigger I lose size here and I can actually also click on these little arrows on the side and I get rid of the rest of the screen so I can have a look and evaluate my shoot I'm going to start with my friend allie who I shot in my studio and the first look I'm going to do is this picture I have my I'm going to show you guys some of these what about how I use alien skin so I have my user presets there's various ones live made over time the one I'm goingto give you because it's not included in the default is a neutral filter that means everything over here is reset to nothing so you that's where I usually start I also have a whole folder of creative life once that I created specifically for this and those are the these guys are the downloads that you have that you can get right now at felix couldn't start com slash a s e six that's alien skin exposure six right now so let's start with this image off ali and again I've taken it to neutral I mean when you open up the software everything is neutral anyway on dh with this I did almost nothing because it was perfect right out of camera someone it just make the smaller closed this panel over here and all I'm going to do I'm going to go over here down to the vignette and set a life and yet which is let's see one of these light once you see how they have you can have a dark and yet a life in yet and he used this one and play around with that just to get away with it make it a little bit bigger decreased around this increased the softness not playing around too much with this distortion slider on the lump size that gives you it kind of vignette kind of seems to do it like noise so that's kind of the same thing you can kind of specify how big your loved one you want alums to be this is all I'm going to do with this image because I think it's already really clean and beautiful and you see, it just smooths it out and gives the edges here the same feel that I have in the center because it actually was a little bit of dark man, yet he click here before and after actually canoes that before and after said this at the top is the before at the bottom is the after control like that, so I just wanted to even out this image a little bit and I'm going to go to ali on the store, which is somewhere that one on what I'm going to do here. This is actually based on one of my process that I'd made for a client before the way edited this on I'm just going to go through and show you how my what my thought process was to arrive at an image we really really loved I'm going to add a little bit of contrast that twenty six that's about right decrease the saturation just a tiny bit and that gives me that little bit of pop and that slight kind of antique fee I'm going to zoom in a little bit so you can see I'm just zooming in by swiping down up and down on my apple mouse on your keyboard just like you would scroll so before and after you see m getting rid of a little bit of that saturation and adding contrast, I'm going to who in the color I used to use this color filter but I actually now mess around more in the color saturation I'm going to take the reds up a little bit that's going to bring out her hair before and after just bring that little bit of red into the hair the greens because of the backup drop is quite green I'm going to drop that down a little bit and again it's just doing a subtle effect and add science so I've switched the background from being green ten it's really going to be very subtle you're really taking out a little bit of the situation in the background and having it so shifts over to a science tone curve again I'm not going to mess around too much with the contrast I'm going to take the shadows maybe all of it lower so I'm leaving this contrast slider alone and I like to I think this is really basic on dh not very fidelity of this slider isn't to me is a kind of pro level I always want to end up with the highest and look that I could get away with so I'm going to play around on here and you'll see appear just changes really lightly what you can do in there now I found something out that I'm going to show you what you think you'll really like if I can actually go into let's say a green and you khun slide the shadows in the green you see how it brings in that red shadow or add the green in the shadows and you khun do these sliders, which I find to be really, really high end you know, alien skin's been in development a long time that doing this that the pixel level it's not one of these kind of cheap layers that just gets put on top that destroys the images and I find that I can mess around here and the image doesn't destroy itself that fast, so I'm not actually going to do that for his image I'm going to go backto rgb and then going to take my keep my middle mid turns at zero but rest some of those highlights because I'm seeing this is quite bright over here and again, my image doesn't die when I do this and that's why I love this software so much go to minus twenty nine there we go that's already looking for go before and after that already has that like, I don't know if you know the the miserables les miz poster, but this kind of reminded me of that a little bit I'm gonna going to split towing I'm going to do this several times through this demo so that you guys really and I get asked a lot about this split turning and how I use it and again with this the key is not to overdo it I'm going to get the for this I think I really like the creamy highlights now when I make the selection it's so over the top I would never stay here but it gives me an idea off where this khun go so I want I'm going to do it a couple of things here that we must select this shadow andi that's going to be zero I don't want to change what's going on the shadows I'm going that this this yellow actually I think it's interesting here it's gonna if I just remove some of that strength maybe down here so I think that's that adds a little bit off something that adds the saturation the highlights in her hair come out I think that's quite nice on dh again in this you can change these shadows on highlight adjustment separately so here if I if I brought this and you see it would get kind of a blue effect so essentially if I add strength here on added strength back in here get like a blue yellow contrast it's a little bit too much and I'm not going to do that in this case but I'll show that again in another image I'll take that to zero and if this is a zero here it doesn't really matter what color this is selected on don't worry about that I'm going toe add a little bit other than yet I'm going to do the amount is going to be minus see it's kind of aunt even getting actually so essentially this makes this is dark in yet live in yes, I'm going to maybe around minus eleven decrease the size so it's coming in on her a little bit the roundness again you see how that changes I'm going to go to minus sixty five it's really a very subtle effect at this point the softness I think I wanted a little yeah, you can see it's so not soft there that's what the shape of living yet is when you change the size that's what you're doing when you're changing the size, the roundness I kind of wanted to this mimics her shape I think for a moment her shape to directly it would look kind of weird and creepy and unnatural so I'm gonna but this is what you get when you do softness I'm gonna go quite far distortion and lumps eyes I'm going to leave the same. So now you see, I'm making all these subtle changes to the image and the other thing I'm going to do I'm gonna zoom back out here, I'm going to add an overly so I'm gonna just go here and I think if I have something let's see these are obviously totally over the top but I think I can do something let's see top on dh consume it which or decreases it a little bit and then change the a pass ity says just like maybe two twenty two something like that so it just brings that little bit of interest in at the top just that tiny bit makes it look kind of ethereal softness is alien skin is great for this kind of thing you're not you're not you know I can everything I do, I kind of tend to dial it down to minus fourteen this is something that would take ages and photo shop you blair some sort of light leak that you photographed in another shot on dh this it just makes it really fast so I don't need to press the save button I'm going to do it anyway actually I'll do that later, but I could take this now and if I just hit command cia control c on the p c I could apply it to another image I'm not going to do that in this case because I'm going to do something completely different, but maybe, you know, looking at what I have here looking through what I shot of these guys, maybe it'll work for something like this and I'm just using control c control or command c and command the as you would expect to apply that same preset to something else so this preset I've just done for alice image, including the light effect that's in the download on our show, the link to that again at the end. So chez before and after just the image what I if I if I go through this, I came to this conclusion by going through the precepts of the side, and I'll show you guys how I do that because there was a pre set I don't remember which one it wass that had this kind of feel that gave it that dreamy quality, and I wanted to achieve that in my own way, maybe that's just the way I do my personality, I am I like to rather than using presets or actions, I like to do my own thing and, you know, really put my stamp on it, all right? Let's, go to this image off, ali. I really didn't like this image when I shot it. There's the's spots over here. It it was a backdrop that was lying around at my apartment and I thought, I use it. I don't really think that the image work, but in alien skin I really rescued something out of this, so this is actually based off off let's go to the color, so appear you have all the presets, the color prefix, that's, black and white my favorites and I've favorited no I didn't favorite this one my use of presets so these ones I've made him in recent which is as the name suggests now this little presets view over here you can change the way it looks and a lot of people have it like this and that doesn't help you at all you can't see what you're doing these are very small thumbnails I like to show the big thumbnails over here now I'm going to go to let's get the color polaroids and I went with where is it going to show you something cool I know what it's called so I'm gonna type polaroid six hundred and warm but should come up here where is it blown highlights did the creamy highlights I think it was this one let me just sorry while I find polaroid presets no well anyway it's based on what is it we want to find this I think it was this one faded color films okay well this is not fun to watch so I'm just going to go and show you guys what to do where ended up right that's the image that I want to show this because aliens can really help me get rid of without going into further shop the's spots over here that we're in the backdrop that we're really not kind of that nice on dh to really bring out the color in arise and create something that you know, for me this shooting this on this backdrop in the first place was really an experimentation I'm much more classic this was to offset her head against the backdrop and alien skins really helping me explore something new for myself so I went through all the presets over here I changed way the saturation off the reds I played around with the reds and actually when I went here I thought I would increase the situation the right but that didn't work out because it just gets a bit too much so action about producing it which I didn't expect same with the yellows but I think what I did in the in the saturation is too blend and kind of compliment these two colors against each other on that's the same thing I did with the light leak over here the greens I reduced that takes a lot of the green out of the background and the science I left untouched because as soon as I do this they get blown out you can see that so I'm going to leave that at around one the blues and the magenta as car reduce just a tad for the same reason and curves I wanted to really get the shadows into the hat here and to see if I could make this image work and again I was going to throw this away the preset I have has some curves on the green, on the blue and on the red and you'll see that if you select a preset, it'll pre load all of these options and I put a dark to just get c I just wanted those bits in the hair to be darker. I ended up going using the contrast slider here when my experimentation leaving the shadows at seventy three mid tones and highlights pretty much the same split tone was interesting because I've never gone to this kind of brown tone but I still left it quite subtle if I go up too much, it really gets very, very warm this image which I don't want again I tried to be I'm not so over the top with it and the highlight is just off of white so it's not really changing it that much it's a little bit of a sigh in and it adds something to the back and it had something to her skin and it's not that strong if I if I go too much skin kind of starts to become discovered, so you have to watch out for that there is a lite overlay again light effect, this corner one that we just had where was it this one sun flare? I can't find anything today it's the red glow there we go on I think yes and I protected location of this has really needs I'm going to select that and if you see if I hover over, I've clicked on this little button here by hover over you can protect parts of the image and it does it kind of in a circle so that you don't have this life spill I think it's really horrible and I want to save those beautiful eyes someone a click here and you can also select the capacity on that protection so you can really see that effect and that's really neat because these lights bills I wish I could control the middle and this was the solution to that I also have a zoom in load I added a little bit of grain you can see it, but just to smooth out the skin it's a little trick on dh to give it a little bit of that um playful, maybe dreamy feel you know this pose everything is kind of a bit fantastical it reminds me over like a venus, so this grain was actually in the polaroid precept that I selected on dh I couldn't find it as you embarrassing the store earlier. However, this is also available for download in the presets back and I will show the link again at the end of this so this one I'm actually really excited about this all shot I think these these ones I have I'm doing now are the most kind of that eye where aliens can really changed images for me why I couldn't use them before on dh they became usable where I wouldn't know where to go with them and photo shop where those presets but you have on the on the left really give me inspiration too use these images in a way that I never did before you know I'm experimenting a lot my new shooting space and I think I would still discard things but annan skin let's opens up these new worlds for me so let's get straight back to it and perhaps I'll go through them I'll go through this one and intricate detail I'm going to show you the presets I made for the other images and move through it quite quickly and then we'll get to the images I shot today I think a lot of people want to see how I would edit those from scratch so I made a pre set here called ali hair very appropriately called ali henna on I click on that and you can see this wass I wanted a dark image I wanted it to have a little bit of texture and I was really inspired by again that limits poster that's where the the pair's kind of blowing across that little girl's face some referencing quite strongly from that and again I'll show you what made this work for me I might even actually tweak this a little bit I added up here in the basic this is where would start add a little bit of contrast this is a really great starting point this is where I go when I'm starting and every piece of software in this image is a little bit differently I wanted to have right when I just when I come in you khun just everything the highlights for example I brought them up a little bit just to give it a lot of contrast the shadows are also brought up a little bit it's it's quite dark there so if you have an image like this you export it somewhere else it's too dark you can adjust that's a very good way of answering that was it adam his question on clarity just a little kick here just I went to four it's just to give a little bit of sharpness into the hair clarity is kind of like a cheap pullman's sharpening but in this case show you what you two clarity would really kind of sharpen those the help a lot on because this is an image that has a lot of hair I wanted to show that vibrance again we're getting this really new cell image for me where it's very vibrant and so I used that slider for the first time and then removing saturation we will have a de saturated image color let's go I added saturation the red again I'm never usually adding saturation um in the reds a little bit just to bring out the tone in her in her hair. Then I've gone lower in the greens and up in the science that just takes it from green and shifts it towards the science curve again, I've let left the curve itself flat and just reduce the midterms, all of it here's to bright. I wanted this movie edge and the highlights I'm going to save your going to save the highlights that's a little bit nicer, so I'm looking at this image again last night, maybe my my eyes were a little bit funny, but I don't like the highlights like that I'm going to go down here again. There is some, the priest said I used here splits and spread, turning the pale yellow tone, and I came across this by going through them like this it's what I always to know like this uh, indecision in decision, I'm going to stay on the pale yellow, I chose blue in the shadows and you can just kind of play around here, and I think you'll agree that when we go to blue, it has it goes to a place that I really quite like the highlights again, you could change them, but it doesn't it's not complimentary to her skin, so I'm going to that's going to stay where it was just gonna do it undo ago actually going to take the mid tones up a little bit that's quite nice good and I think for this image it see what else I did I did do a little shopping again and it has a light affect the same thing this light effect it just to see how boring this images without anything going on up here. When I bring in that satellite effect, it looks like there's something on the background and again low a pass iti I don't want this that's like something out of a bad night out and I wanted to be more subtle and come back to a little bit less of one smoking in the studio less of a lesson intense feeling so this has a little bit of shopping I usually don't go above sharpen lower radius twenty five there is the great thing I love about alien skin is you can trap in the brightness only now the brightness is what we see. This is that's what I was drawn to so you sharpen that and you don't end up with kind of weird artifact all over the place if you click that again, just play around with these it's just done to get a little sharpness into the hand on allie and I added grain and I love the tri ax salt and pepper and I usually play around and what I love also is you can change where the grain is so I wanted grain on the skin it helps with the retouching she has freckles it helps with that midterms I wasn't so bothered but I wanted a lot in the shadows so it doesn't look gratuitously grainy you khun true's way want your brain to go the roughness color variation push processing creating a zoom in here fuses push posting slider on some images it's really beautiful and it is where you get your film look I'm opening is on this image again this infrared it's off and the bouquet which I don't use is off as well but you can poke around in that all right I want to get through and show you guys all of these things so I think what I want to get to those pictures that we shot with sue and that I shot in my segment this afternoon so I'm goingto show you what I've done but please download the's presets try them for yourself and you can really have a look through those so with stephen steven ridley he's ah he's the musician that I talked about my last segment and I so his show at four p m and then I had him come to my studio with a bunch of my friends and we were shooting in the afternoon I'm going to use this image demonstrate on what I've done you can do it like this select the three images select the preset and they'll all be applied you see that if you look down here just keep your eyes down here when I hover over these other presets the previous changes as well and if I have them all selected everything I do if I go over here if I was to change the exposure it applies it to these process down here so your workflow really gets sped up by using alien skin you can do all of these images and if I have you know the way I did the's is I take a select the three of them we were just, uh intellect do an edit like this one let's say like this one's my favorite I can just get I could just stop worrying about this stop wearing about this just have my image front and center and those three are still selected make on my changes mess around that are and because the other two are quite similar they're also being changed at the same time but I don't have to think about it I can, you know, change around. I mean I won't go through this one like I did the other day once I even you know the same thing I used the slight effect just to even it out a little bit to give it a little bit off something on dh when I go to the next image sorry, I think it was just with the arrow keys they all of those settings were apply to those images too and again that's my steven preset right let's go back to here and you can use these little arrows to just get things out of the way that you don't want to use and have your images front center so you can see before and after makes such a huge difference let me go over to this image for example or this one before and after I mean I liked it before but actually aliens can inspired me to do and end it like this it's a little bit more experimental for me and I quite like it so this my friend john he doesn't have a preset for himself but I think I'm just going to leave through the presets I have here and give him something I like this one oh let's do the same a stephen and again I could just select both of them hit that and done I don't need to worry about it this is so fast let me go to my friend regina she was again in my last thing I talked about clothes she was just wearing a regular temp top and I said do you have anything more interesting because I have this crazy coat it's fake for by the way it's what is it called? Whatever this on dh I made all the pre set on all I wanted to do with her is to give a bit of contrast and make it look more wolfie and again, I added a little bit of a flare up here. Let's do that, too. I don't know where these images are so far apart that both and I think that's such a great look on her, I'm going to get rid of this. And did you do it again before and after? I think I want a used alien skin to bring focus into her face. I think this really brings it just so happened that the light effect kind of ends exactly where her isa right here, I don't know if you can see it, but when I travel this on enough, something really changes in the top of the image and puts the attention on her face more and it's so nice to use thes quick little things. So again, I did the creamy highlights on the split, turning on dh, the very subtle so the curve isn't. We're not going crazy. I brought the shadows down a little bit just to make that code look richer, and I protected the highlights as well, because her skin she didn't go through makeup before this onder skin was glowing, but I can just take the highlights down. I don't destroy the image on it looks really good and I did that with both both the images this one and this one so I really like these images this kind of experimental and it took me to a different place so already I have this set of images that all of them starting to take on their own atmosphere they were born before thiss one didn't do it in it that's how I've been using aliens can I wanted to dina so lovely have a preset for you here that's you can explore there you go on this I want this reminded me kind of off the like an ipod ad we just put up big on the screen and so this light leak that I have in here is actually forty one percent forty one percent a pass it e which is much more than I would normally have if you're going to increase it a little bit on dh it just added that little like lifestyle field that I put at kick somehow added something for me and again I did a similar thing with the netting and the contrast to really make her hair pop. I wanted to go that's his this image from suze class this afternoon there several issues here with it and I think it would benefit from a little bit of a skin retouch and photoshopped as well, but we're going to show you what I can do, we're gonna leave my presets behind. I'm gonna start exploring where I can go with this image in the color selector here and just just going through and getting a little bit inspired, perhaps could make this a little bigger and seeing where where would I want to go with this picture? What? What feeling works well for this image in the presets here and that I already like this as kind of portrait. The scratches are interesting, see? And again, this isn't some sort of oh, I know exactly what I'm going to go with every image I've been shooting a lot of film rate recently, I've been using a portrait four hundred I'm actually quite nice and I'm already seeing that the image has a lot of highlight that I would need to correct. So let's go to food. You really I like that I'm gonna favorite it, it's very subtle there's not really that much going on. It has just a little bit of contrast in it, and already I can see I'm going to rescue those highlights as much as I can protect those highlights up here and I think or benefit here from a split split turning or I just go through these, I like that. This is actually nice like just make it feel like a santa type I'm talking about on enough just to see yes, I think that's good now I already I have a really strong vignette and I don't want that some gonna give it there we go and she looks like she's just died on dh this is an in memoriam picture I'm gonna just reduce it a little bit, make it really soft after priestess eyes and I've just lifted up these dark, dark shadows over there and suffer from the image out a little bit. I'm going toe play around and see what I can do with these highlights because I think they can like if you go to green and she looks kind of sickly, I think we can match a skin a little bit more than just take that down and really may see waken our I kind of like this I'm thinking off going more feminine maybe in like a warmer shade, something like this and again she would really benefit here from a little bit of photoshopping, but I can get a good idea off what we're doing with color in this example by just going in there, all right? I'll leave it at that let me go to this image here off poor already I think I did a a little bit of a green tint on it in capture one that was so I could see where we end up with this info in the final result so I'm going toe I've lost him here there we go I'm going to go through and I'm already getting the idea that I want something that has maybe a little bit green tint that brings the shadows back out because anything adding contrast, we get these really dark shadows like this is really adding a bit too much in the shadows so it's going to the foot blown highlights the's polaroid now don't be put off because this so over the top it's really neat little trick you can see that's like time zero film that's interesting is that dustin scratches I'm always coming back to that I never end abusing it way have a look at the color of the vintage color films these are really, really grainy, but they sometimes what I like about these this sort of preset is they actually khun b really subtle sometimes with huge grain like this is quite interesting like I actually like the color on this so what you can do really quickly it's a little bit faded classic comfort and obviously I'm not going to use this frame that's ridiculous, but I do like the frames in here but I can kind of see what they did they did a lot of adjustments in the colors and I want to work towards that like, I'm going to change the green around, but there we go, I'm adding green in the shadows that gives me kind of this, like, it's been sitting in a warehouse for a couple of years. Look, I'm going to take the border off much better, but I was inspired by that border, I could actually just zoom it out looks a bit weird, so I'm I'm using that to get a little bit inspired, and there seems to be a lot of grain and it's really easy, because I could just take the over or grain strength. So let me go in and show you what it was before that's a lot of grain, you can see it kind of being all blotchy here, and I take that off, and I've just sorted out my grain very simple, I don't need to stay with what the preset gave me it's really easy on dh don't be afraid to use this overall intensity to go from there just to there, and I want to add a little bit of detail into the shadows, and I go into my rgb detail in the shadows are great, take down the returns, that's going to give you a really funky contrast and play with the highlights that if you do too much in in these two sliders, the highlights usually die, so just try to get those highlights and protect them. This is restraining curve up here protects the highlights. I'm just gonna I'm gonna create midterm contrast here, so I don't know why I have this image on the screen so small, but, you know, it's not a bad thing to have the image like this because you get to get an idea of what it looks like without focusing on the retouching or the skin or anything like that. You get a general idea, we think about on facebook when people are scrolling through the timeline on their phones, they have a little picture like this and that needs to grab their attention, so I'm seeing right? Like, if I put the shadows, if I add tons and I'm going to go and add a little bit of exposure and already I think that is going to be a little bit more attention grabbing than it may have been before at all the contrast, I want to keep it that way, actually, and I can copy this, and then I come and see this is actually a lovely image, but that doesn't look good that makes her look really boring, so let's see, I'm going to go before I think she would warming up, making her look somehow more feminine, thanks I like this okay, so this reminds me off and edit suit does a lot where you just kind of pink overlay and I think I'm going to stop use this as an inspiration to go somewhere with this so I like to you select the preset and I'm going to explore and find out where that color shift came from detective let's see I don't know and I think it came from here there seems to be this seems to be the yeah if we reset that we'll go back to normal that's actually really interesting way of doing it so you can use this to retrofit your learning as well because I've just learned that if I take the green down it gives it that kind of reddish uh glow now I wantto gonna take saturation out of the reds that makes image die a little bit but maybe yellow it up I want to get a kind of pink soft overly I want the image to be soft there we go I think if I up the shadows I'm seeing you see how that is already starting to be a little bit more feminine really complements her just there and then I'm gonna see what I can do with this foot toning because and I always end up just going to hear oh I like that it's a bit too much but I like it uh that's just lovely this kind of it okay, I'm really excited now this kind of all the other thing is you can just type clicking here and hand write your values in much easier but this kind of is what's so genius about this piece of software I I wanted to find something that's a bit stuff not so harsh, you know, the original lighting and then you just kind of rolling through this and suddenly, huh? That's exactly what I was looking for and I don't need to change it around. I don't complain around the slider, but, uh, it's just so she looks nice it's a little bit on antiqued remind that and add a little of contrast change. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm changing the contrast in the greens here you go back to that a lot of contrast and I actually think she looks really miss now I'm going to see what I can do with the highlights. If you click on this little guy, you get the color picker, which would make it look really ugly. I think I want to add a little bit of warmth back in let's go there, there we go. So now all these subtle adjustments we've done makes such a huge change to the image and again, I can't change my intensity, but I think that's really cute she looks really nice oh happy good so now I don't need to take this image into photo shop I think it's fine for me from a portrait perspective not wearing their skin so much I've used contrast to this sort of smooth outer skin on and made her look middle of like it's it's I don't need to go anywhere else after this I've used capture one got it right in camera gone to alien skin to do a subtle colored it on dh I'm really happy with that so I took that same emergency take that same adjustment to paul all the same writing it just wouldn't work so you really have to use it I copy that again I show you that's the before I'm now copying the other edit on then it doesn't work it doesn't work for his lighting like that I don't have to use it but so here I've gone in here fountain pens by azmi modified it a lot I've gotten something that I really like now it's totally okay not to know what you want before hand and this is the problem that alien skin handles for me so now I've edited all of these I think that's just have a quick look through these that one before after very subtle I wanted this yellow onus to come out ali I've removed a little bit of that vignette she's so it's very classic this got a little bit more dramatic old fashioned looking, this very bombastic, very different, completely different feel after alien skin. This has that limb is fear, and I'm actually I'm going to change this color here, the shadows color to make it a bit softer. Stephen, I've just added a little bit of something to the image. Thoma john, I just used the same presets. If I had time, I would probably work a little bit more on these two images. Diana, I think we've achieved something lifestyle is something impactful, much more fun? I mean, this is not your run of the mill edit. It looks like it has something to it suddenly it's transformed into something else, which is what photography is all about. I'm gonna work on this image a little bit in photo shop and in capture this before and after, I think we went to somewhere else, something different. It has a different feel, not just with this small, subtle color adjustments poll and again, that little highlight at the top just somehow makes focus on her eyes. So I really like right have control of those images, and when I'm done just his safe select where you wanted to be, what it's going to do is just add the dash exposure suffix on dh save all the images bam, you're done

Class Description

Alien Skin allows you to create gorgeous digital images with an analog soul. Learn how Alien Skin can enrich your photography with demonstrations from Felix Kunze.

Felix uses Alien Skin to preserve the details in his portraiture and this segment will show you how to integrate Alien Skin into your post-production workflow, just like Felix.


Rajiv Chopra

I think that this was a very cool video. I had always avoided Alien Skin, but he sold me! I liked the way he went about using it, and this was very cool.