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App Design: Create a Working Prototype

Alexandra Moran

App Design: Create a Working Prototype

Alexandra Moran

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Class Description

This class will show you how to prototype mobile apps easily, no coding required. Prototyping your designs - first on paper, then using simple, interactive online tools - will allow you to visualize the flow of your app, and test whether or not users will flock to the idea. Join expert web/UX designer Alexandra Moran to learn how to use the industry’s most effective methods for prototyping your mobile app. In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the software Sketch and InVision for prototyping
  • How to storyboard your app, working out the product flow before spending resources on coding and building
  • How to integrate user testing into the prototyping process
After taking this class, you’ll understand how to design the flow and feel of your mobile app. Alexandra will help you determine which tools you need and when to use them. 

Software Used: InVision 2016