Behind the Scenes of The Tim Ferriss Show: Acroyoga


Watch behind the scenes footage of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast! Tim Ferriss joins Jason Nemer, co-founder of AcroYoga, to show some poses and to talk about health, meditation, acrobatics, yoga, and the importance of discovery.

Tim Ferriss’s podcast is the #1 business podcast on all of iTunes, and it’s been ranked #1 (of all podcasts) on many occasions. It was also selected as iTunes’ “Best of 2014” and “Best of 2015.” Jason Nemer is a co-founder of AcroYoga, which blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage and the dynamic power of acrobatics.  



  • Thanks to Creative Live for carrying this video podcast with phenom Tim Ferriss expounding on Acro Yoga for those interested but uninitiated. Jason is a great advocate of his discipline and lifestyle which strikes a deep chord within me harking back to my forelorn vagabond days. We will discuss this at my next yoga class.
  • Once again Tim turns me on to something I was resistant to...Thanks again and again for this and...Ketogenic Diet, Wim Hof, GST, etc....